A torrid first-half shooting the ball by Alabama and 16 points off turnovers in the first 20 minutes spelled another defeat for the LSU Tigers Saturday afternoon as the Crimson Tide scored a 90-72 victory over the Tigers at Coleman Coliseum.
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Mouche33786 months
Our current basketball HC is worst than Les Miles, and that's saying a lot!
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TNG8r86 months
This is freaking funny as hell.... LSU as a whole is trash!
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LSUTumbler86 months
Woohoo! This streak is almost as fun now as a winning streak! The more we lose the better chance we have at a new coach and AD!
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Lexman186 months
A new coach yes. A new AD forget it. Alleva is employed by King Alexander and the Board Of Regents, and they love him. Much like Roger Goodell in the NFL. Strictly business. But at least we will get a new basketball coach, for better or worse. Can't get much worse. Glad baseball is here. Watched all 3 games. Looked great, albeit against non conference opponents. Loved the tributes to our military men and women all weekend! Classy move!
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GeologyGrad8886 months
At least baseball has finally arrived. Hopefully, the next BB article I read is the firing of our pathetic head coach.
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