Our 5th Spotlight: LSU Basketball introduces newcomer, John Odo. John Odo claimed JUCO All-American honors in 2012 while at Hill College where he averaged 12.4 points and 14.3 rebounds per game. He came to LSU during the '13 spring semester and was able to practice with the team for the majority of last season. While he lacks offensive ability, he is known for his defensive prowess in the lane. The 6'9" center is raw, but has enough athletic ability to keep opponents out of the lane.

Reports have come out of camp that he has progressed slower than some expected and may eventually be passed up by freshman seven footer, Darcy Malone, for minutes, but having the depth down low will allow LSU to continue a fast pace for extended minutes.

On offense, Odo may look lost occasionally, but his ability to jump out of the roof and rebound will make him a viable option at the center position. He is the type of player that scares opponents away from the basket. That alone may be enough to get him floor time.

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Alot is still unknown about the junior college transfer, including how much he will be used by Coach Jones. If LSU decides to use their "big lineup" often, Odo could be a staple to the team. If they drop Johnny O'Bryant down low to make room for some of LSU's PF/SF type freshman, Odo could see a lot of the game from the bench. However, Odo has been a very important part of LSU's team already.

After Odo joined the team last year, Johnny O'Bryant started his surge to becoming an All-SEC caliber post man. He has given praise to Odo for giving him a different look in practice, and while we will praise his defensive ability, with the right pieces around him, Odo can score points. Offensive rebounds and putbacks will be his bread and butter. Getting passes from a double teamed Johnny O'Bryant may prove to be deadly, forcing teams to choose their poison. In the end, LSU is a better team with the help of John Odo.
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