Spotlight: LSU Basketball takes a closer look at one of LSU's top incoming recruits, Jordan Mickey. The power forward from high school power Prime Prep is 6'8" and 220 lbs. Mickey is a high flying, shot blocking, rebound machine, however, he also brings offensive skills more advanced than most of our incoming post players. Mickey shows once again the type of players Johnny Jones wants to fill his rosters with; long and athletic.

Even more irresistible to Coach Jones may be Mickey's 7'3" wingspan. With arms that long, he can wreck havoc inside. It also allows him to finish around the rim with incredible diversity...

Mickey will be a fun player to watch in LSU's fast paced offense. He can step out and take midrange jumpers, however he feels more comfortable in the paint. He will be used at the 4 spot. Jones commented yesterday that he really likes the look of Martin (3), Mickey (4), and O'Bryant (5) on the court together, so look out for this combination.

With his wingspan and athleticism, Mickey could be the perfect person to guard the inbounder in LSU's full court press. Mickey has been compared to Tyrus Thomas with his athletic ability, smooth shot, and his quick ability to get vertical. Mickey is a likely candidate to lead LSU in blocks as well as dunks on a team filled with high flying newcomers.

As with all these freshman, we will learn more about them as time goes on, including tonights FREE exhibition game at the PMAC at 7pm. It will be Jones' last real opportunity to try new combinations of players and figure out how he will get all this talent on on the court. I'll be back tomorrow with highlights and comments on tonight's game. Until then, Geaux Tigers!
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Bert Macklin FBI124 months
Love these previews, hope that SOS or someone will do the same for baseball and football next year. Awesome work!
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LSUROCKS52124 months
Thanks for the write ups SOS. So glad this kid was able to get into school from the clearing house. He will help LSU get back to the final four!
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Palm Beach Tiger124 months
Absolutely love these write ups SOS. Great job
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