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Here is what Eamonn Brennan with ESPN.com had to say about LSU (22-9, 11-7) in his latest College Basketball Bubble Watch article:

Southeastern Conference:

Locks: Kentucky, Arkansas, Georiga
Teams that should be in: Ole Miss
Work left to do: LSU, Texas A&M

LSU [22-9 (11-7), RPI: 48, SOS: 87] We've gone back and forth on Arkansas. At times, we've been impressed at a great, up-tempo, Bobby Portis-led offensive attack. At other times, we've been disappointed by the SEC's seventh-ranked defense. The Razorbacks are either underrated or overrated. One thing we do know: The RPI loves the Hogs. That makes LSU's win in Fayetteville look even better, counting as a road win over a team with the No. 15-ranked RPI. How does a team lose at home to Tennessee on Wednesday and win at Arkansas on Saturday? Matchups, maybe, but that kind of inconsistency -- being able to beat West Virginia and Ole Miss on the road and lose to Missouri, Mississippi State and Auburn -- is what makes it a bubble team in the first place. The best hope is that the good eventually outweighs the bad. LSU tipped those scales in its favor one last time Saturday. The Tigers are not a lock, but they should be OK.
The SEC tournament starts on Wednesday and LSU will play the winner of No. 5 Texas A&M vs. No.12 Mississippi State or No. 13 Auburn on Friday.
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TutHillTiger108 months
The bad losses are what are killing LSU but they will get in
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Rebman601108 months
Because old myth has a better resume. Vandy beat old myth that means they should be in the tourney!!!! Right....right?
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pellietigersaint108 months
I friggin hate the RPI. Lets root for the team Kansas beat because they have a top 5 RPI and we beat WVU who beat Kansas.

Meanwhile, we beat ole piss twice and have a better record head to head vs. the top 50........buy yeah, they are in and we are on the bubble
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