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LSU's odds to win the College Baseball World Series are 33/1, according to BetOnline.

Odds to win NCAA Baseball World Series:
Tennessee 5/2
Oregon State 15/2
Arkansas 14/1
Oklahoma State 14/1
Stanford 16/1
Virginia Tech 18/1
Louisville 20/1
Vanderbilt 20/1
Miami FL 22/1
Texas 22/1
Texas Tech 22/1
Virginia 28/1
Auburn 33/1
Florida State 33/1
LSU 33/1
Notre Dame 33/1
Arizona 40/1
Georgia 40/1
TCU 40/1
Texas A&M 40/1
UCLA 40/1
Florida 50/1
Gonzaga 50/1
Maryland 50/1
North Carolina State 50/1
Southern Mississippi 50/1
Ole Miss 66/1
UC Santa Barbara 66/1
DBU 75/1
Georgia Tech 80/1
Wake Forest 80/1
Oregon 100/1
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We're listed twice. 33/1 & 75/1
Reply12 months
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Can I lay 10$ on Bama at what must be 1,000,000,000:1? I'ma be rich BIOTCHES. Or just out 10$.
Reply12 months
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Our (LSU) starting pitching is suspect, it seems like we spot every team a couple of runs but NEVER count out our offense! Even if your ace keeps the team in-check, we’ll get to your Bull pen late! It’s never over with this lineup… if we can get our starters healthy (Berry, Doughty, Dugas, Beloso, etc.) we’re a very tough out! Starting pitching def, the Achilles heel.
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Not with our pitching
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Thought Ole Piss was a “last four out” team
Reply12 months
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so you're saying there's a chance
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I think the last bet I would place on that list is Tennessee at 2.5:1. I like a lot of the other odds. I wonder if I could get "the field" versus Tennessee anywhere. That might be a bet I would want to make given how favored Tennessee seems to be.
Reply12 months
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I'd throw $10 on LSU.
Reply12 months
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12 months
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ot baller
12 months
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