LSU outfielder Giovanni DiGiacomo announced this week that he is coming back next season for another year.

DiGiacomo, a junior from Naples, Florida, dealt with a lingering hamstring injury most of last season.

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HeadSlash31 months
Needs a haircut
user avatar
BigTimer2331 months
Hell no
user avatar
tigerMike31 months
Okay, pretty obvious this new coach is the recruiter he's thought to be - he started with the current roster!
user avatar
Robber DeNiro31 months
Good no excuses if they play bad...
user avatar
HoarseComeSunday31 months
What a weak arse way to think.
user avatar
ByUselves31 months
Another rider has joined the gang...Tigers will be formidable next year. Can't remember a year where we've had so many return.
user avatar
Griffin dwarf31 months
Happened the year before the 2017 season. A lot returned and they made their run to the cws final
user avatar
Tiger in Texas31 months
Great news and hope he is back to 100% next season!
user avatar
Shiftyplus131 months
The energy building around this team is palpable.
user avatar
elcid31 months
The Return of The Mullet!! Love it!!!
user avatar
Oyster31 months
Hopefully he gets healthy over the off season.
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