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According Kendall Rogers with, he now has LSU as a Regional Host:


LSU – STATUS: New addition – The situation regarding hosts is still fluid, but as of today, we're putting the Tigers in the hosting category. LSU run-ruled Vanderbilt on Wednesday and faces Arkansas on Thursday with righthanded pitcher Aaron Nola on the mound. The Tigers' non-conference resume is weak, but they're red-hot and have a 13-12 record vs. RPI Top 50 and 19-12 mark vs. RPI Top 100. LSU has an RPI of 16.
LSU will play Arkansas Thursday at 4:30pm CST. Follow us on Twitter for in-game updates.
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NorthshoreTiger76117 months
eat it negatigers!
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The Hogs will prevent this from happening.
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mamoutiga117 months
can someone please help me understand how it is that OLE Miss is perceived to have a so much better resume' than LSU? OM is RPI 15 w/ 1 more win vs RPI 100 than LSU. LSU is at RPI 16 AND BEAT OM 2/3 IN OXFORD!
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TwoDatBait117 months
Suck one navy razorback......
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BoudreauxinGA117 months
Patience....let's let it all shake out. Things are looking good for the Tigers now.
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benerwin22117 months
Kendall Rogers is a dumbass. I would take Myley Cyrus' tournament assessment over his.
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