Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti was not a fan of Washington State's coach Mike Leach continuing to throw the ball in the second half of Saturday's game despite trailing, 62-24, with 13:01 remaining. The result was Cougars QB Connor Halliday’s throwing a NCAA-record 89 pass attempts. Aliotti laid into Leach...

“That’s total (B.S.) that he threw the ball at the end of the game like he did. And you can print that and you can send it to him, and he can comment, too. I think it’s low class and it’s (B.S.) to throw the ball when the game is completely over against our kids that are basically our scout team.
“Make sure he knows that. Because I don’t really care.
“I am kind of stunned he would keep his quarterback and crew in there. And still he threw the ball with 20 seconds left. But he did. They want stats, they got stats. But we got the most important stat and that’s the ‘W’ and we are happy about that.
“I’m repeating myself, but again, in the end he’s still throwing at a time when most guys would try to end the game and go home.”
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Funky Tide 8129 months
What a giant douche canoe.
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TutHillTiger129 months
What a complete a-hole. He is jumping on the other team for not giving up and letting the game end sooner like he wanted. What the hell? What a prick. He has no clue why Leach was doing that, but probably to give his kids some confidence and not to pad stats. Guy needs to keep his mouth shut and worry about his defense.
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LedDawgK129 months
What a joke. Does he not think that maybe Leach was trying to work with his QB and his team and use it as a "teaching" game? You can only scrimmage yourself so much, why not use the opportunity against a top team to better yourself?
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ThreauxDown11129 months
Why did they continue to score with a 30+ scoring margin. Oregon is the doing the real "B.S."
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Tyghas129 months
Am I reading this correctly? Is the Oregon coach mad becasue the opposing team was losing but they kept fighting to get back in the game?
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CGSC Lobotomy129 months
This is why Oregon will lose to any team that can outphysical them at the line of scrimmage. They seriously think that the other team should just "do the right thing and give up" when down.
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CNB129 months
His team won. Why does he care?
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jellyfish129 months
He mad
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