During his annual state of the association speech Thursday in Indianapolis, NCAA President Mark Emmert said he is in support of a four-team playoff in college football. Emmert said...

"The notion of having a Final Four approach is probably a sound one," Emmert said when asked what he heard coming out of New Orleans this week. "Moving toward a 16-team playoff is highly problematic because I think that's too much to ask a young man's body to do. It's too many games, it intrudes into the school year and, of course, it would probably necessitate a complete end to the bowl system that so many people like now."
I know it's all talk right now, but I feel we're closer than ever to this system happening.

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TigerWoody150 months
Amazing he continues to spew lies expecting everyone just accepts what he says. FCS has had a 16 team playoff for years. It works wonderfully. No interruption to academics or bodies. Cut the crap Mark.
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StarkvilleTigerFan150 months
DUH-you think so? Everything is in place already for such and you don't have to screw with the bowls or the BCS.....On the Sunday night following the conference games or last games-whatever, you announce the new BCS standings. The top 8 teams are announced and the top 4 are in the playoffs. Now you have 4 traditional BCS Bowls. In 2012, the Orange and Sugar Bowl will serve as the playoff games-#1 Vs #4 and #2 vs#3. The fiesta and Rose will feature the other teams. The following year, the Fiesta and Rose will serve as the playoffs and the Sugar amd Orange will feature teams 5-8. Alternate the cycle each year. Now, its fixed!!!!
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