Bare-knuckle boxer Nathan Decastro shared several gruesome photos of his face this week from a recent bout in London, and he's upset, but not because he was hurt. He's livid the doctor stopped the fight, suspecting a broken orbital bone...

The super middleweight fighter was furious Nelson took home the win ... and Decastro expressed his frustrations the next day with photos of his bloody injury, saying "I am f***ing devastated."

"I never complain. I just get on with each and every fight!" Decastro said on social media.

"That said the ref was poor I’ll not get into that as everyone can see it for themselves!"

"The doctor stopped the fight in the corner after the 3rd round because of my eye a suspected broken orbital which absolutely broke my heart."

"I'm willing to go to the death," Decastro said, "but they stopped it against my will I begged to carry on, I would of win the fight but it was taken out of my hands!"

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That guy turned him into Sloth from The Goonies
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