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How do I access the settings?
like the usually menu


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re: BROCADE Router



I thought this was going to be an advertisement for a GPS system that keeps guy friends informed on which arcade their friends are at.

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re: BROCADE Router

Does it not say on the router itself?

Most of them do.

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re: BROCADE Router

A brocade router (layer 3 switch actually) does not have a default IP address out of the box. It requires configuration. If you want to try a guess your best bet is to hit the default router IP you are given via DHCP.

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re: BROCADE Router

never dealt with brocade products. did you try google? LINK

Default IP Address and Configuring IP Addresses

Note: This procedure must be done by Brocade-trained service personnel.

All Brocade devices come from the factory with a default IP address. This address has a standard Class-C sub-net mask. To delete this address, use one of the following methods:

Switching Routers

The default IP address on switching routers is ( and applies to port 1/1 of the switching router...

eta: that didn't really answer your question. configuration is done from the command-line interface. this is fancy tech, not consumer grade stuff like you may be used to.

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re: BROCADE Router

Is this a corporate or home router? I've never worked with a Brocade router before; is there a serial port for you to connect a rollover cable? If there is no default IP set up on it, I'm not sure how you are going to connect to it. Is your computer pulling an IP?

To fully answer your question, the typical way to find out what your gateway's IP is (to be able to connect to it) is to open up command prompt** and type in "ipconfig".. your computer should have its own ipv4 address and it should also list the gateway.

**To open command prompt, start -> type in CMD in the search bar and hit enter

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