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re: Getting a dog when you will not be home much?

I'm in the same position now. Just get a crate and arrange for yourself or someone else to let the dog out at lunchtime.

I have a puppy and this has been working out well for mine. He is already potty trained, it only took about a month.

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re: Getting a dog when you will not be home much?
Depends on the breed and the age. If it's a puppy that isn't housebroken, I'd say no. Maybe rescue a dog that is 3-4 years old? Also, some breeds are better when left alone than others -- look at energy levels. Labs, Goldens, Weimeraners, etc all tend to be high energy and need more time to let that energy out. Shepherds tend to have more anxiety issues.

Also, don't depend on the roommate to help you out. Say he moves out in a few months and you've been dependent on him to help you care for the dog. Assume his helping is just that, extra help. Not the factor that makes getting a dog a possibility.

I work 7-4 and let my guy out for lunch and there are no problems. I wasn't able to crate him (he's a rescue with an obvious bad crating experience) so I confined him to my kitchen with baby gates while housebraking him. Hope this helps.

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re: Getting a dog when you will not be home much?
"In-Ground invisible fence"

This won't keep a stray pit-bull from coming over for a doggie lunch.
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re: Getting a dog when you will not be home much?
Exactly. I love my dog more than most people I know, but he's still a dog. He goes out in the morning, I take him for a 10 min walk at lunch, and he gets to run in the afternoons. It would be ideal to have a nice yard for him to hang out in, but dogs get accustomed to their surroundings eventually.

BTW, I have an 85lb, 3 year old catahoula that I got at 6 weeks old. He, like all dogs, will frick some stuff up early on, but they all get used to the routine at some point.

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re: Getting a dog when you will not be home much?
don't do it for the dog. I did this when in college and I had to leave it with my neighbor during the weekend including fridays or had to have him put in a kennel at the vet office.

I decided after one semister it wasn't fair to my dog, so I found a good home for her and gave her away. It was hard but the right thing to do.

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