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Take Lincoln off of all currency

anc173/5 7:18 pm
by TerryDawg03

Obamacare penalty payers ask, 'Where's my refund?'

CajunAngele LSU fan133/5 7:18 pm
by Tiger n Miami AU83

Ferguson has a gang problem

Big Scrub TX LSU fan163/5 7:17 pm
by TT9

In spite of all the HRC bashing, she'll be the next president

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rehtaeh Baylor fan2243/5 7:14 pm
by JoeMoTiger

Hillary's state dept forced an ambassador to resign for using private email

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bamarep523/5 7:13 pm
by texashorn

Private email accounts-AP article from 2013

wfeliciana03/5 7:10 pm
by wfeliciana

ISIS 'bulldozed' ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, per Iraq govt

L.A. Saints fan83/5 7:07 pm
by Geaux2015

Is 60K too much for a speeding ticket?

(Page 1 2 3)
Zach LSU fan433/5 7:03 pm
by Five0

Withdrawstgeorge.com sent a petition to my home

LeonPhelps LSU fan123/5 6:59 pm
by Navytiger74

Judge Napolitano: Hillary 'In a Lot of Trouble Legally'

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TOKEN Columbia fan1173/5 6:54 pm
by Rounder1

DoJ Ferguson report: not good

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Big Scrub TX LSU fan1303/5 6:49 pm
by DawgfaninCa

DOJ: We Legalized 100,000 Illegals by Executive Action Before Injunction

Revelator173/5 6:44 pm

In your opinion, if Iran had Nuclear weapons, what would they do with them?

(Page 1 2 3)
ApexTiger LSU fan463/5 6:38 pm
by TigerPride10

I found where Fox News gets their source material!

BaddestAndvari BowlingGreen fan153/5 6:32 pm
by RCDfan1950

So... Lets replace Andrew Jackson on the $20.

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GoT1de Alabama fan1203/5 6:27 pm
by Tiguar

Foster kids for profit

Revelator33/5 6:24 pm
by Big Scrub TX

price of crude down by some 50% for 3-4 months now...other than price paid for

wfallstiger LSU fan103/5 6:19 pm
by Big Scrub TX

Lawyers explain Justice Kennédy's federalism issue in ACA orals

tigersbb113/5 6:17 pm
by tigersbb

Is it the duty of the government to provide free vaccines to all children?

HailHailtoMichigan! Michigan fan183/5 6:07 pm
by Big Scrub TX

Ben Carson: Jail proves gay is a choice. Prisoners go in straight, come out gay

(Page 1 2 3 ... 13 14 15)
NC_Tigah LSU fan2963/5 5:54 pm
by real

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