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Im an illegal immigrant and I've just been granted US citizenship

Rhino5 Auburn fan011/20 9:43 pm
by Rhino5

Presidential Immigration News Timing

TigerLicks411/20 9:43 pm
by GeauxLSUGeaux

Obama just doesn't get it

WeeWee LSU fan111/20 9:42 pm
by JabarkusRussell

Thoughts on David Webb tweet...accuracy?

House_of Cards LSU fan211/20 9:41 pm
by GeauxLSUGeaux

We need to deport every illegal immigrant

Malik Agar USA fan1511/20 9:40 pm
by SpidermanTUba

Hey, Obama......Game On, Motherfricker

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KCT LSU fan5011/20 9:40 pm
by Taxing Authority

Why all the hate?

Tingle Pelicans fan611/20 9:38 pm
by TrueTiger

You Reactionary Right Wingers crack me up with your "Separation of powers" BS...

(Page 1 2)
Lsupimp LSU fan2911/20 9:31 pm
by Rhino5

Guaranteed Votes

Iowa Golfer Iowa fan911/20 9:24 pm
by CamdenTiger

The US Federal Government - It's Not Supposed to Expand Easily

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SlowFlowPro Stanford fan3711/20 9:23 pm
by Gmorgan4982

Pretend I know nothing immigration; what is tonight's speech supposed to be abt?

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The Pirate King TexasTech fan2611/20 9:20 pm
by JabarkusRussell

The President's Plan Sounds Reasonable To Me

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genuineLSUtiger LSU fan6911/20 9:19 pm
by dante

Just burn it all to the ground....

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GooseSix Alabama fan3111/20 8:56 pm
by Ace Midnight

Ann Coulter comparing media coverage of Jonathan Gruber's videos

L.A. Saints fan711/20 8:50 pm
by L.A.

If I were the governor of a state...

udtiger LSU fan1811/20 9:32 pm
by TrueTiger

I need to get a poker game with the Republican leadership

TrueTiger LSU fan1311/20 8:40 pm
by Roger Klarvin

You Loot, We Shoot: Gun Sales in Missouri Have Skyrocketed...Duh

Fox Mulder Tulane fan911/20 8:26 pm
by FightinTigersDammit

One step closer to tying homosexuality to the human genome

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Green Chili Tiger LSU fan17711/20 8:04 pm
by ctiger69

Report: Al Sharpton owes $4.5 million in unpaid taxes

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Tigerstudent08 LSU fan4411/20 7:55 pm
by HonoraryCoonass

lawless president

1DuckyBoy LSU fan1511/20 7:43 pm
by Blue Velvet

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