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Teacher to student: If you don't support gay marriage, drop my class

House_of Cards LSU fan1011/23 6:17 am
by GeauxLSUGeaux

Why do most conservatives embrace a lack of evidence re: climate change but not religion?

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LSUlunatic Butler fan8511/23 5:58 am
by Roaad

"Sadly, Obama will never face any consequences for this..."

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FT GATech fan4511/23 5:16 am
by TrueTiger

Are they trying to make the protesters weary and run out of money?

tigerskin LSU fan1311/23 5:14 am
by TrueTiger

Why I dislike the Democrat party.

Scoop LSU fan511/23 2:47 am
by KCTigerFan212

If you laugh at Bill Cosby, you condone rape.

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livewire LSU fan2811/23 2:41 am
by MikeyFL

How can you argue the Iraq War didn't save us from terrorists

Taxing Authority LSU fan511/23 2:32 am
by WhoDatGreenBeret

Renewable energy is so stupid, the Greens are giving up on it

Zach LSU fan811/23 12:57 am
by antibarner

More 'bait and switch' from Obamacare?

TrueTiger LSU fan511/23 12:46 am
by IbalLSUfaninVA

How can anyone deny that electing Republicans doesn't lower unemployment?

Taxing Authority LSU fan311/23 12:42 am
by funnystuff

Delta Airlines stands with Obama on immigration

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I B Freeman3211/22 10:34 pm
by Hetfield

GOP Benghazi Committee: no stand down order, no coverup...

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SP3211/22 10:27 pm
by ApexTiger

Spending cut talk yet to include film industry welfare--$1.4 billion must be cut

I B Freeman1411/22 9:46 pm
by I B Freeman

Air Pollution in Los Angeles-1983 vs. Now-and how regulation isn't always bad

TheIndulger LSU fan611/22 9:39 pm
by Powerman

Climatologist: 'Dramatic Drop' in Global Temperatures Coming

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TOKEN7311/22 9:18 pm
by Taxing Authority

Can the next president sign an executive order to end abortion?

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Revelator5911/22 9:05 pm
by KeyserSoze999

Govt: Chinese malware could shut down US electric grid.

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Draconian Sanctions LSU fan2211/22 9:00 pm
by graychef

Michael Mann had/has an agenda. Gruber had/has an agenda.

GumboPot LSU fan511/22 7:52 pm
by Sentrius

How can anyone deny that govt didn't save us from acid rain?

Zach LSU fan811/22 7:43 pm
by goatmilker

Punishment for those who blaspheme The One True God/Climate Change Model.

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Lsupimp LSU fan2911/22 6:55 pm
by Roger Klarvin

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