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Ben Carson: Jail proves gay is a choice. Prisoners go in straight, come out gay

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NC_Tigah LSU fan953/4 9:36 am
by Cruiserhog

5 Things You Should Know About Netanyahu

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SavageOrangeJug Tennessee fan1473/4 9:36 am
by SavageOrangeJug

Snowden willing to return to U.S.

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Kickadawgitfeelsgood413/4 9:36 am
by craig8sm

Why do we let Turkey support ISIS?

GeneralLee LSU fan133/4 9:35 am
by rb

Advocate editorial re: common core

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kingfish LSU fan263/4 9:34 am
by LSUFanHouston

Muslim Costco employee sues over transfer

teke184 LSU fan03/4 9:34 am
by teke184

How long before the government targets mental health

Revelator143/4 9:34 am
by Revelator

Why do so many Americans suffer from "white guilt"?

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GCTIDER Alabama fan383/4 9:32 am
by Themole

Is HRC going through a slow motion implosion?

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GumboPot LSU fan243/4 9:32 am
by jb4

Criminalization of poverty- homeless man gets life for selling $20 worth of weed

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SpidermanTUba LSU fan253/4 9:31 am
by southernelite

Funny that the libs think Netanyahu insulted America...

SavageOrangeJug Tennessee fan143/4 9:29 am
by TygerTyger

if a nuke went off in the US that was traced back to Iran...would we retaliate

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Fox Mulder Tulane fan783/4 9:28 am
by StraightCashHomey21

Remember when I said that doctors will become increasingly less relevant?

Powerman LSU fan193/4 9:23 am
by Hawkeye95

Repeal Louisiana's balanced budget requirement.

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TigersforEver LSU fan573/4 9:12 am
by Tchefuncte Tiger

Today's the Day! . . . So if SCOTUS undercuts Obamacare, then what?

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NC_Tigah LSU fan213/4 9:09 am
by Revelator

Free Range Parents

AUbused Auburn fan73/4 9:03 am
by Aubie Spr96

Confederate States of America: The Demographics and Reality...

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FT GATech fan2613/4 8:41 am
by goatmilker

What can be done to make convicted criminals more hire able?

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Tiger1242 LSU fan243/4 8:33 am
by Poodlebrain

Ferguson Discrimination: Blame White People Again?

UofLCards83 Louisville fan133/4 8:14 am
by i am dan

Prediction.... Obama does not finish his term...

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Jim Ignatowski LSU fan763/4 7:01 am
by Jim Ignatowski

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