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Should we be suing or prosecuting parents who don't vaccinate their children?

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Roger Klarvin LSU fan581/30 3:07 pm
by CollegeFBRules

Ultrasound imaging = Rape

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Zach LSU fan1601/30 3:05 pm
by TigerRad

Feb 2 is Chris Kyle Day in TX

AlwysATgr LSU fan131/30 3:02 pm
by PlanoPrivateer

Economy grew 20% less than expected in quarter 4 of 2014

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HailHailtoMichigan! Michigan fan231/30 3:01 pm
by deltaland

Shot By the Police in Albuquerque

Big Scrub TX LSU fan81/30 3:00 pm
by RogerTheShrubber

Romney announces he is not running for POTUS in 2016

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NC_Tigah LSU fan501/30 3:00 pm

8 year old Muslim boy in France praises the murdering of French jounalists

DawgfaninCa Georgia fan111/30 2:58 pm
by sugar71

Keystone pipeline

Douglas Green161/30 2:55 pm
by GumboPot

The phrase "we are on the right side of history"

LSUTigersVCURams LSU fan181/30 2:55 pm

Romney's out

LSUTigersVCURams LSU fan121/30 2:54 pm
by Tigerlaff

More collective punishment/Geneva Convention violiations by Israel on Arabs...

Geauxrilla Ballz31/30 2:52 pm
by trackfan

So my TX. State Rep went BSC.

3nOut Oregon fan101/30 2:50 pm
by C

Woman Hijacks Podium at Muslim Event: Islam ‘Will Never Dominate Texas'

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TigerLicks591/30 2:47 pm
by Green Chili Tiger

The 50 most violent cities in the world. 4 USA cities make the list

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L.A. Saints fan491/30 2:45 pm
by northshorebamaman

Arab lawmakers shake up Israeli politics with historic union

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NC_Tigah LSU fan871/30 2:31 pm
by trackfan


Douglas Green121/30 2:22 pm
by goldennugget

Earthquakes in Oklahoma go from a few a year pre-2008 to 567 last year

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a want LSU fan1101/30 2:10 pm
by Taxing Authority

McCain calls protesters 'low-life scum'

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WPBTiger SLU fan421/30 2:09 pm
by DawgfaninCa

Releasing Guantanamo detainees

Douglas Green51/30 1:59 pm
by upgrayedd

Which political strategy is best?

Zach LSU fan91/30 1:57 pm
by Lsupimp

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