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Why is it big "news" that Tim Cook has the ghey?

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bamarep4310/30 11:21 am
by Hawkeye95

Fact Check: Landrieu voted 9 times to block amnesty

Chinese Bandit LSU fan010/30 11:21 am
by Chinese Bandit

Taking in foreign Ebola patients...

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Meauxjeaux Memphis fan7710/30 11:21 am
by mmcgrath

Multiple NC Campaign Workers Willing to Aid Non-Citizen With Felony Kay Hagan Vo

wickowick LSU fan410/30 11:21 am
by son of arlo

Ebola Nurse in Maine Takes a Bike Ride - Cops Follow

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mmcgrath LSU fan2010/30 11:20 am
by jlc05

In fundraising email Reid warns republicans may impeach Obama with Senate

Wishnitwas1998 Tennessee fan1510/30 11:19 am
by RogerTheShrubber

Daddy Bush, Little Bush, & now Lil Bro Bush 2016?

TDsngumbo LSU fan210/30 11:17 am
by MJM

Can't teach religion in public schools, unless it's Islam.

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bhtigerfan4910/30 11:10 am
by CptBengal

"War on marijuana unconstitutional", doctors testify in federal court Monday

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Sentrius USA fan2510/30 11:09 am
by lsudude24

Judge Ron Ware is lower than a piece of dog shite Warning: NSFW/NSFL

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colorchangintiger LSU fan4710/30 11:07 am
by cwill

Letterman; 10 reasons I vote Democrat

Revelator1910/30 11:01 am
by SpidermanTUba

NYT: In the south, dem candidates opening up old racial wounds to spur turnout

HailHailtoMichigan! LSU fan1210/30 11:00 am
by SlowFlowPro

Civil war looms for GOP

pistolpete23 LSU fan910/30 10:54 am
by Homesick Tiger

Time: Ukraine, not the Ukraine (and Kyiv, not Kiev)

TN Bhoy USA fan610/30 10:51 am
by asurob1

Former Boston mayor Thomas Menino dead at 71

Wally Sparks GATech fan110/30 10:50 am
by baybeefeetz


Asgard Device710/30 10:49 am
by Asgard Device

"Catch and release" terrorist program not working...

Ace Midnight LSU fan710/30 10:40 am
by PsychTiger

I'm curious about Todd Gurley being forced to do Community Service

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Wild Thang USA fan2710/30 10:39 am
by idlewatcher

US economy grew at 3.5 percent rate in Q3

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a want LSU fan4010/30 10:18 am
by 90proofprofessional

White House and Israel Relations take another hit

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ynlvr LSU fan5710/30 10:14 am
by StraightCashHomey21

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