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Recharging Lithium Ion Batteries
When we switched over to Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries at work a few years ago our vendor told a us a tip- to maximize battery life the batteries should stay on the charger for 24 hours for their initial charge. I've been doing that ever since.

My BIL just received a shipment of 80V Lithium Ion batteries. He put them on the charger overnight and is already using them. He says leaving them on the charger once the indicator says ready just wastes electricity and does not improve of the life of they battery at all. He has an installation business that uses rechargeable tools because there isn't always commercial power on the site.

I know the OT has experts on every subject. Am I just wasting time? What does the OT say?

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re: Recharging Lithium Ion Batteries
Yes, you are wasting time and electricity, Li-ion batteries cannot be overcharged, so once they reach 100%, the charger has circuitry inside in it that stops charging the battery.

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