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re: Bleacher Report even recognizes what we all have been saying.

Here is the breakdown of Bama's 2011 schedule when they were awarded the Mulligan.

Here are the SEVEN teams that Bama played in 2011 that did NOT have a winning record going into the bowl season. This is the vaunted resume that put them in the title game over a conference champ that had beaten several ranked teams at this point.

Kent State 5-7
North TX 5-7
Florida 6-6
Vandy 6-6
Ole Miss 2-10
Tenn 5-7
Miss St 6-6

FBS Teams with a winning record they played and won:

Penn State
Auburn (7-5)

So there. Again, they beat THREE FBS teams with a winning record in the regular season, finished third in the SEC, and still got a mulligan.

Again, how does anyone else compete with this?

BTW, the Gumps and the LSU fans who keep telling me I'm wrong about this: You don't need to reply anymore in regards to this.

PS - The other game was an FCS team, GASouthern.

And to think their 2012 schedule was one of the easiest SEC schedules in years, and their 2013 schedule will resemble their 2011 schedule.

How can you NOT win a title with this schedule and those standards?

I'd say that's literally gift wrapped.

Yet idiots here bash Miles when he can't do something that's three times harder than what's required of Saban.

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re: Bleacher Report even recognizes what we all have been saying.
i think you should hire an attorney, go to Birmingham and tell them about our woeful schedule. Maybe the attorney can scare them into changing the schedule...maybe give us troy, north texas state, towson...northwestern

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re: Bleacher Report even recognizes what we all have been saying.

Bleacher report is a joke, but come the f on.

Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

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