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re: Ohio State insider has logged an expert prediction for the Buckeyes for Faheem Delane

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Didn’t Earl Lane get PatPete? Well that and we dropped a bag, hear Miami people tell it.

He may have contributed. Was Larry Porter that truly reeled him in thanks to one Willie Lyles. We definitely dropped a bag. Actually got caught as collateral damage in the Longhorns obsession with ridding the state of Lyles and Baron Flenory(godfather of 7 on 7 in Texas as a major cog in the recruiting process). Porter was personally named in the aftermath of the investigation. Trevon Randle(former LB) was another explicitly named in that investigation with Porter ties. Lyles and Flenory were both regular visitors to the LSU campus. We dodged the bullet Oregon took for that investigation. Thanks Chip Kelly!
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Toliver born in LA, ricks left?, Paris didn’t produce, delpit is from Nola. I’ll give you Adams and Stevens but neither of these guys were actual cb’s.
Doesn't matter if the kids left for school in another state. Now he had to recruit them while they were in Florida. Born in Louisiana means nothing unless you were raised there the entire time.

Also, now you're moving the goal posts. You said he finished #2 on a lot of kids that weren't going to LSU anyway, but now you are critiquing them while they were in college? We're talking about recruiting here you lost muppet, keep up.

Also, again, I pointed you to all the DBs, ACCORDING TO YOU, that love LSU and would go there regardless, NOT go to LSU after he left.
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He was here when PP arrived at LSU but your point is he wasn’t the DB coach during that time.
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