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re: Traeger Electric Grills/Smokers
what size did you get? I am going back and forth on the Traeger Pro 22 & 34. Is the 34 too big? I probably would do a few racks of ribs or a big brisket. Or just suck it up and get the bigger just in case?

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re: Traeger Electric Grills/Smokers

Also, as far as fuel costs, is it comparable to propane? I know how much it costs per pound, but not how long a pound will last.

It depends on your temperature. It will burn about .5 lbs\hr. on the Smoke setting. 1 lbs\hr. @ 300 degrees and 2 lbs \hr. at High.

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re: Traeger Electric Grills/Smokers
The Pro 22 will work fine for the meats you listed.

I have put on 4 racks of ribs comfortably on my 22. You can get more if you like using rib racks. I don't

You can smoke a good sized brisket.

If you are going to do more than that then 34 will definitely be the way to go.

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