Former Knicks/Pacers (among other teams) point guard and TV analyst Mark Jackson has landed the Golden State Warriors head coaching gig. His deal is worth a reported $6 million over three years with a team option for a fourth year. Owner Joe Jacob said in a statement...

"He epitomized leadership as a player in this league for 17 seasons and we think that characteristic -- and many other positive traits -- will translate very well into his coaching duties with our young team,"... "He was a leader and a winner both on and off the floor in this league and we're convinced that he is the right person to guide this team into the future and help us achieve the success that we are striving for as an organization."
Jackson was a great player, but it'll be interesting to see him coach with no real experience. I don't know if being an analyst has prepared him as much as he thinks, but we'll soon find out. I'd feel better if brought Van Gundy with him. You like this hire? Talk about it here.
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