During a recent visit to London, former LSU running back Leonard Fournette received a behind-the-scenes tour of Wimbledon.

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Fournette will return to London to face the defending Super Bowl-champion Philadelphia Eagles in week 8. Here are some other pictures of Fournette's trip to London:

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kjntgr68 months
He looks kinda thin in that video
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la champ168 months
Says he dropped down to 223 in a recent article. Better playing weight for him.
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Brummy68 months
Checking out the real estate for when the Jags are playing there in a few years.
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lsutigermall68 months
Cool stuff
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Placebeaux68 months
Damn he gets around. I just saw him Saturday in Belle Chasse at the Duke Riley camp.
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jayboy50468 months
Wow... bc when he was in town for the saints camp for the kids I saw him just standing on the side of a street in the 7th Ward just chopping it up with a dude as I passed by. I couldn’t believe it was him. He definitely don’t forget where he come from. #salute
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