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CBS Sports and ESPN released updated NCAA Tournament projections this week and both have LSU as a No. 4 seed.

CBS has No. 4 LSU playing No. 13 New Mexico State in Hartford in the East (Washington, DC) region.

ESPN has No. 4 LSU playing No. 13 Murray State in Jacksonville, also in the East (Washington, DC) region.

The Tigers are currently 19-4 (9-1 SEC) with a NET Ranking of 17.

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vodkacop61 months
Gotta be higher after tonight
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Deltatiger61 months
I've always thought the 6 seeds had a better sweet 16 chance than 4/5 seeds.
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Genestealer5561 months
So one has us as a 4 seed but travelling all the way to Connecticut? Sounds about par for the course lol
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