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re: smokers and dry rub. How to? - Larry64
My regular go to for ribs: And 2-1-1 if you're crutching but if the ribs you purchase(d) have been injected by the seller, I don't think a wrap is necessary. (I would stay away from injected pork but if it's all that is available then it is what it is)...
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re: how do y'all store your bacon grease, and what do you use it on? - Larry64
I store it in the fridge and use it to add a small amount of smokiness to stuff like.. mac and cheese - just lightly saute the cracker or panko in bacon grease before putting it on top of the mac and cheese and then pop it all in the oven. add a little to any cornbread or hushpuppies also g...
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re: WFDT - Larry64
[quote]That looks awesome. What is your recipe for flatbread? Did you bake that on a stone?[/quote] For the dough I used Alton Browns dough recipe [link=(]found here.[/link] I always make the dough a few days in...
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re: WFDT - Larry64
Made a flatbread with fresh spinach, mushrooms, chopped garlic, and onions. Sauteed them in some butter, put them on a fresh pizza dough, threw on some feta cheese and baked. When it came out I drizzled some olive oil and dined. [img][/img]...
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re: Tipping Debate - Larry64
Well, having worked in the industry, it's always been my impression that pre-tax was the standard. It's not an issue of being cheap. It's just pretty much how it's been done and the fact that restaurants always add pre-tax shows that it is what the industry accepts as normal also. Not really wort...
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re: Jack Stack BBQ - Larry64
Well, for me it was better in person then their mail order but I would never turn down their mail order que either so congrats. And two boxes is almost always better then one. OK bbq is usually better then almost all foods in New England with the exception of fresh seafood...that's my motto....
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re: Tipping Debate - Larry64
[quote]I tip 20% on pre-tax amount.[/quote] That's typically where I fall in the mix. Exceptions are made for poor service (less) and low checks like when the wife and I go to breakfast (typically a higher percentage because the check is small). You don't get a tip just because you showed up...
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re: Fried carp on diners, drive-ins, and dives - Larry64
Joe's place has been around since dirt..or at least longer then me because I remember it as a kid living in that area. Personally I'd pass on the carp and get the fried gizzards. Hard to find a sit down joint these days that serves fried gizzards....
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re: What kind of sausage for a Duck and Sausage Gumbo? - Larry64
Conecuh is a good Alabama brand of smoked sausage - should work great....
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re: Shipping Boudin to Wisconsin - Larry64
cajungrocer sells some decent stuff...bodins, poches, etc ...
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re: Best brand of microwave popcorn?? - Larry64
When I use microwave popcorn I always buy Orville fat free or something equally dumb and then melt a quarter stick of butter and dump it on. It's like ordering a double whopper and a diet coke but it works for me....
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re: Shipping Boudin to Wisconsin - Larry64
It depends on how much you want to ship but both [link=(]Bourques[/link] and [link=(]Teets[/link] sells and ships - that would be my recommendation. Maybe for less then 5lb you might try
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re: GOOD (easy) CHRISTMAS PARTY PUNCH RECIPES? (alcoholic) - Larry64
[quote]Hawaiian punch and vodka. Done.[/quote] I actually made that last week but with one small change. Once the Hawaiian ice was in the bowl, I added a small block of ice to keep things cold, then strained the Hawaiian ice into the sink and added two bottles of good vodka. Done. ...
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re: KitchenAid stand alones - Larry64
I have the artisan model and use it weekly. I do grind meat with it from time to time for hamburgers and it does just fine. However, it does get strained now and again when mixing dough and if I used the grinder attachment more often I would buy something better for that purpose....
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re: Coffee Maker and Grinder - Larry64
I use a keurig for my every day cup because I've gotten lazy at 5 am. I also have one of these([link=(]LINK[/link]) which makes a great cup of s...
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re: I have a lb of ground turkey...what to do with it for dinner? - Larry64
I would do some stuffed peppers and add some diced smoked sausage for some flavor...ground turkey needs a little help....
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re: Dishwasher smoker - Larry64
Nice! Looks like an early production model of the Cookshack :cheers:...
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re: Best Smoked Sausage is here... - Larry64
Conecuh is good sausage although I found it to be just a bit over-smoked - great for cooking with but a little strong for my taste when eating it straight. I had some Bourques Smoked Deer sausage a few days ago and that was pretty good as well - decent smoke and a nice peppery taste. I think I have ...
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