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re: LSU defense led the nation giving up only 16 TD's all year - Jeffreylebowski
Bama played a tougher schedule and more games. This comparison doesn't work. LSU had a great defense regardless. ...
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Willie Gay v Cam Akers - Jeffreylebowski
I was at the Clinton v Starkville game and Willie Gay was the best player on the field that night. Cam had a good game, but WG played QB, and was matching Cam's big plays. It was a great game, and if Starkville had been playing WG at QB all year they may have only lost the Clinton game. He would...
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re: So...people are jumping off the roof top with the Coach O hire... - Jeffreylebowski
Here's a down vote, Merry Christmas...
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re: My Observation of this Season - Jeffreylebowski
Thanks for sharing. Have a down vote. ...
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re: Current players, assistant coaches, former players, and recruits support O - Jeffreylebowski
SO.........WHAT??!!! So what qualifies all of these rocket scientists to pick who should be the leader of a multi million dollar business??...
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re: I would like to address those who actually believe Jimbo is "Les 2.0" - Jeffreylebowski
[quote]Yeah, he was certainly good at LSU but if you recall, people were ready for a change at OC. And the fact crowton came in and the offense seemed better immediately kinda took some luster off Jimbo. I remember Jimbo's LSU offenses being good in 2001 and 2003, and ok in 2005 and 2006. I realize ...
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re: I mainly want an offense that will run from the gun - Jeffreylebowski
Jimbo runs this. He runs a true pro offense. Some under center, a lot in gun, but single back. No need for full backs anymore. At least multiple on same tea. You can have power runs out of the gun and without a full back. ...
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re: LSU must follow the model set by Alabama, Ohio St., and Michigan - Jeffreylebowski
Exactly. If you want to be at the top you have to have a coach that can get you there. Jimbo is that guy. Jimbo with LSUs talent, which I think can consistently be better than FSU's is going to be awesome. ...
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"The loss opens the door to a pool of candidates" - Jeffreylebowski
This statement from the Ross Dellenger article is either a purposeful ploy to keep everyone guessing, or should literally be the biggest indictment of how horribly run the LSU Athletic department is. I really hope that it's just BS and they've had Jimbo or Herman lined up for a while. If this dea...
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GIF of your Reaction when LSU Announces New Coach - Jeffreylebowski
GIF of whether you're elated or pissed ...
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re: Poll: If Orgeron is hired as HC, I'm going to.... - Jeffreylebowski
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re: Does anyone else feel as if Jimbo is the only candidate who can beat Saban? - Jeffreylebowski
I'm so tired of that midget. ...
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Firing Miles after 4 Games - What it tells you - Jeffreylebowski
LSU firing Miles after 4 games was not a move to see if Ed Orgeron could "audition" for the job. You're foolish if you think that is the case. They fired Miles after those 4 games because they knew they could get their "upgrade" type coach. I'm pretty sure its Jimbo, but Herman is in the mix. You do...
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re: For the very few LSU fans who do NOT want O... - Jeffreylebowski
GOOD GRIEF ONLY THE DUMB LSU FANS WANT O. This is getting rediculous, why in the HELL would a school like LSU fire a NC winning coach, pay a $9M+ buyout, only to hire the damn DLine coach. They fired Miles to updgrade. Not downgrade. ...
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re: Confirmed. Jimbo would retain Aranda. *ETA* - Jeffreylebowski
THIS IS HAPPENING! I told you fools, but Random is the man, not me. ...
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re: Everyone is spread - Jeffreylebowski
Touchdowns, whatever produces touchdowns. LSU had very few of them from November 2015 through September of 2016. ...
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re: *Your Choices Updated & Compiled* Gimme Your Preferred Order Of Coaches For LSU - Jeffreylebowski
Of the ones that are within the realm of possibilities (Saban, Meyer, Harbaugh are not) 1. Jimbo Fisher 2. Tom Herman 3. Chip Kelly 4. Todd Monken 5. Larry Fedora 6. Dave Aranda...
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re: My mind is about to explode with all the Jimbo BS - Jeffreylebowski
This is the worst post I've ever read from an intellectual standpoint. ...
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re: Can we get a list of anti-O people going? - Jeffreylebowski
I'm anti-O. Put me in BOLD MOTHAF$%&*&( letters! And you'll be the one laughing out the other side of yo face come Novembah. ...
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re: Ok here is one for all of the Coach Oeaux crowd! - Jeffreylebowski
Who gives a damn. Last I checked LSU didn't have Ed Orgeron or Dave Aranda, when they won NCs in 2003 & 2007 and played for it in 2011. Which is still probably one of the best seasons any team has had in CFB history. LSU needs to nail this HC hire, and let O and Aranda move on if that's the case...
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