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re: Define an "elite" recruit - lsufanva
Any 5*(except on Scout/Fox) is considered elite. I have a different standard than the services as I rarely consider more than 10-15 guys elite on a yearly basis. Yo me elite is a guy that is at the very top of their position, has one or multiple elite skills for that position and just plainly a guy ...
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re: So....2016 DT Kendell Jones is 6-5 361 lbs - lsufanva
I agree but the kid carries that 360 about as well as it can be done. I've always been very critical of Jones because his play doesn't match the hype and the way he looks but the kid is a physical beast when it comes to appearance. He also was pretty damn dominant at that combine as well. Lots of if...
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re: Who else do we add to DBU realistically - lsufanva
Fulton and Mullen and then 1 of the Safeties. Odds in order IMO for the 3 S, Anderson, Carter then Monroe. Monroe is staying in Tx. Anderson is ours if we want him and Bama doesn't. I'm just not sure he's the top rated guy on the board at S. ...
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re: only 2 safeties per Cameron Lewis interview - lsufanva
Wants to play CB but do think we are recruiting at S. Chattman is LB. Think the other S could end up 2. If 2 of Monroe, Anderson, the Williams kid from TN, or say one of the GA kids want in then we likely don't turn them away. Its gonna be fluid all year....
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re: 4* Safety Cameron Lewis (LA) to commit Thursday morning - lsufanva
All tiger. He will take visits in the summer and fall, making some nervous but will stick. He's one of those kids that just visit to visit and sticks...
Posted on SEC Recruiting
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re: Is Tre White considered elite? - lsufanva
I think he's elite but don't think he's considered elite amongst the media nationally. SEC coaches think he is I'd bet. There's a reason so few teams challenged him. I don't think he's better than Hargreaves. Hargreaves is as good a college CB as you'll see. Kid is top notch. Do this k White is m...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: We have a better chance of getting Willie Allen or Carter flipping to LSU? - lsufanva
We may be getting outworked for White but if we are then its mostly on him. There are rules and the rules state that coaches can't have but so much contact with kids so, either Bama is playing outside the contact rules, which they are famous for but I can't say they are, or White is initiating the c...
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re: Cameron Lewis - States Most Underrated Player - lsufanva
I think Lewis is priority #1 and then whichever other guy jumps on board of the other group. Carter is way up my board as a S. Like him much better there than CB. Keep hearing Monroe is set on playing CB. Hope not...
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re: Shyheim Carter being heavily recruited by new LSU Coaches - lsufanva
Not sure we would take Greedy. We aren't taking his brother or Sylvie at this point so I don't think Greedy is an option unless he decides to separate from them, especially his brother. I like both brothers but our board is too stacked currently...
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re: Recruiting newb here. Question - lsufanva
Some of them have options that are better than the average 3* and they haven't figured out where they want to go yet. Some are waiting to blow up and see what is out there. Some can't commit. ...
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re: Old but haven't seen it posted - Ed Alexander - lsufanva
He's helping. Don't have to be committed to be committed if you know what I'm saying...
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re: 247- Louisiana prospects rankings...Top 5 - lsufanva
Don't know for sure of course but from reading tealeaves and all the info possible Lawrence-we are in great shape and this weekend will only strengthen that. He's Orgerons first real sighted target. Bama doesn't worry me with him as much as the northwest schools(Oregon/Washington). Even those cou...
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re: Caleb Lewis - QB LSU - lsufanva
Remember Andrew Hatch? He made things interesting even though not for long. Never know and considering our recent qb history, maybe a walk on is what we need....
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re: Star ratings fail again - lsufanva
He had more offers on signing day. I know Bama would've taken him if he wanted in. They made a big push in the last month but he wasn't hearing it. He was loyal to Cooper. As for the rankings, they all messed up with him. He performed well in front of many scouts. They just missed. Overall though it...
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re: Trayvon Mullen is Trending LSU Bigtime Now - lsufanva
I like those 3 but like Travez Moore and the Anthony kid as well. Malcolm Roach is one that needs to be in regardless of LB or DE. Kid is a stud. We are gonna pick the guys of that group we want and be in great shape. ...
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re: 2016 Safeties - lsufanva
Those are the numbers we are working with at each position as it stands now. 6-7 DL, 4-5 LBs and 6 DBs. That leaves around 10 for offense and that's all we need. 2 QBs, 1 RB,3-4 WRs,1-2 TEs and 3-4 OL. Could be more defensive guys but 17-18 is about right. The guys left out will be the ones we choos...
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re: 2016 Safeties - lsufanva
Who says one gets left out? We will take 6 dB's most likely. Chattman is a LB. Lewis is definitely a take. They want him locked up asap...
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re: Trayvon Mullen is Trending LSU Bigtime Now - lsufanva
Some people are assuming the leak of his commitment, which he later denied, has upset him and turned him off a little. Personally think its bullshite, as do I with his explanation of the commitment/no commitment story. The text message he sent the FSU reporter is public. He committed to FSU. He just ...
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re: 247- Louisiana prospects rankings...Top 5 - lsufanva
I actually have the top 5 the exact same. Next 5 only a slight change with Leflore out, Campbell down one spot and Taylor at #9. Taylor could be top 5 at the end. Kids a stud. 1 Lawrence-better size and athletic ability than Alexander 2 Alexander-monster in his own right. Just like Lawrence s...
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re: 2016 Safeties - lsufanva
What has happened with Josh Perry? Never hear about him anymore. Did he move, quit football? Just strange he was one of the first instate offers for this class but he's never mentioned. Anyone have insight?...
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