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Civic Theatre question

DirklasDaDirk 169/17 8:09 am
by LSUrme

80's synth pop recommendations

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Colonel Forbin 399/17 7:51 am
by Vandyrone

Why did Mellencamp label his song Pink Houses?

Walt OReilly119/17 7:43 am
by ballscaster

Jack Johnson.-Any fans here can tell me if he has any other albums....

Crow Pie 79/17 7:34 am
by BobBarker

Happy Birthday to BB King - 89 years young!

Kingwood Tiger 59/16 10:32 pm
by EA6B

Songs you hate by bands you love

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CaptainPanic 629/16 9:48 pm
by LSU alum wannabe

Fancy by Iggi Azalea - I honestly thought it was Gwen S

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C 229/16 8:12 pm
by SEClint

Is there a song named "frogs" that has come out within the last couple years?

UFownstSECsince1950 39/16 5:52 pm
by PhifeDogg

Metallica "Through the Never"

MudEngineer318 99/16 5:45 pm
by shutterspeed

What happens when you go to too many Panic shows?

(Page 1 2)
TreyAnastasio 339/16 2:09 pm
by Tiger Ryno

Ooooooooh, that Muscle Shoals Doc

Dandy Lion 99/16 12:46 pm
by missloutiger


12Pence149/16 12:08 pm
by Baloo

Guitar Picks

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Flamefighter 299/16 10:36 am
by dnm3305

Logic's First Single "Under Pressue" out now, Album Comes Out October 21st

GeauxAggie972 29/16 7:49 am
by GeauxAggie972

The New Basement Tapes..."Lost on the River"

K9 09/15 11:31 pm
by K9

Run the Jewels 2: Insane Album Packages

hogfly29/15 10:34 pm
by rutiger

Just got my Grateful Dead "Spring 1990 Too" box set...

Marco Esquandolas 79/15 9:28 pm
by Marco Esquandolas

Do you approve or disapprove of The Eagle's format change in the past few years?

saint amant steve 159/15 8:33 pm
by jimbeam

The single greatest problem facing white concert-going America today ?

Lsupimp 199/15 8:09 pm
by TheFolker

Official 2014 Christmas Jam Thread

CheeseburgerEddie 129/15 7:57 pm
by CaptainPanic

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