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re: Baylor sours on Chad Morris after he counters 5 yr 24.5 mill offer - Handsome Harry
I would take him as the OC at LSU though. He would be a great hire but we would probably only have him a couple years. ...
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re: Yahoo Sports lists LSU's most likely choices for offensive coord. - Handsome Harry
I am with you 100%. I would take the Pitt OC over any of them. He is extrememly creative and his offense seems like it would fit our players perfect. I love how he uses the fullback. ...
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re: If PJ Fleck goes to ND - Handsome Harry
PJ's quarterback this year had 30 TDs and 1 Int. I know they play in a weak conferance but that is still very good. ...
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re: LSU won't over pay Herman by $1m but overpay O by $3m - Handsome Harry
I dont know what really happened but if Herman had agreed on a deal with Alleva and then backed out once he saw Texas was there then I have no problem with Alleva pulling out. I know nothing is final till he signs but if he gave his word and then backed out then frick him. The problem I have is only ...
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re: Tom Hermans contract over 5 mil annually - Handsome Harry
Wow that is a ton of money for a coach who lost to Navy, SMU, and Memphis this past year. I really wanted Herman at LSU but that was because of what we had in place. He may struggle at Texas. It may have been his dream job but LSU was much better for him to win right away. ...
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re: Spinoff: How sick to your stomach will you be if Herman builds a dynasty at UT - Handsome Harry
To be honest I really wanted Herman at LSU but that was because of Aranda and our defense. It may take Herman a little longer than people think to make Texas a winner. The LSU job was set up perfect for him to come in a win his first season. The ln use that success to keep it rolling. Dont be surpri...
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re: Boosters are already conspiring to fire Joe. - Handsome Harry
If we fired Les Miles to hire O even after having 2 months to work this out then JA needs to be fired and have his arse kicked. He is single handily trying to destroy LSU. How could he let this happen? ...
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re: Nows you're chance to weigh in with Joe: joealleva@lsu.edu - Handsome Harry
His phone is about to blow up. ...
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re: If alleva pulls Herman we should build a statue - Handsome Harry
As long as we keep Aranda. I think Herman is going to be great and with skill players like LSU has the sky is the limit. I wouldnt be surprised if Hermsn is the next coach that Lindsy Scott is our starting QB next year. I think he would be the perfect QB for Hermans system. The kid is super smart. H...
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re: Rohan Davey on AFR- GOAT Source - Handsome Harry
One thing Rohan touched on is what I have been saying. Everyone thinks Saban being at Bama is a negative for LSU. Like Rohan I think just the opposite. These coaches have egos. They want to prove they are the best. If Jimbo or Herman come to LSU and win the West. Beat Bama on a regular basis that is...
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re: Bad News - Handsome Harry
[/quote]Wilson are gone.  If this is 100% true then Herman is our next HC not Jimbo. ...
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re: Can LF7 hit 100 yards on Nov 5th? - Handsome Harry
I think the Bama Defensive Front is going to be all over LF. Especially after what he did to Ole Miss. Saban is going to have those guys ready. What would really be impressive is if our new coaching staff used that against them. Use LF as a decoy instead of what we did last year and keep trying t...
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re: "Tom Herman doesn't view the Texas job as better than the LSU job" - Handsome Harry
Everybody keeps saying LSU's biggest problem is that we play Bama and Saban every year and Herman would rather take the Texas job because it would be easier to get to the NC game. Well what if Herman wants to beat the best of the best? What if he wants the opportunity to beat Saban every year? What ...
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2 Loss LSU SEC Champ vs 1 Loss Louisville - Handsome Harry
Would they keep the SEC champ out the final 4? If Clemson wins out and so does Louisville I think it would be hard to leave Louisville out. That would mean they would probably beat an undefeated Houston team at the end of the year. I know there is a long way to go but just crossed my mind after watc...
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re: Will Fournette stay for senior year to play for new coach - Handsome Harry
I love LSU but LF has given his heart and soul to us. Let him go do his thing in the NFL. ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Do yall feel bad for BH at all? - Handsome Harry
Yes I do. People who are hammering him probably have never played team sports before. BH has worked his arse off trying to be the QB that LSU needed. No one wanted LSU to win more than him. Unfortunately he came to a school who does not have coaches that develope QBs. He never looked comfortable runn...
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re: I'm actually worried about LSU with Etling - Handsome Harry
Please we still have a head coach named Les. A QB can only do souch. ...
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re: I see no LSU fans defending this team or Les - Handsome Harry
If your a coach and survive what Les survived last year and then you come out doing the exact same thing that almost got you fired, you either have too much pride or your not very smart. How can anyone defend that? ...
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re: Has Pocic Regressed? - Handsome Harry
He needs to be playing tackle. Either left or right. He is pretty tall for a center. Wisy has over achieving DL who are quick and they can get up under him because he is long. I would like to see what the freshman center we got could do. He actually played center his high school career instead of be...
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re: Who does LSU go for after Herman and Jimbo decline? - Handsome Harry
[quote]I would make an offer that Herman couldn't refuse[/quote] We better hurry!! Coach Herman is going to be a very rich man next season. Between LSU, USC, possibly Texas and Texas AM his agents mouth is watering. If Aleva has any sense he needs to be working on this now. ...
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