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re: Things to do in San Antonio

Is that Natural Bridge Caverns? I've been there... pretty interesting.

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re: Things to do in San Antonio

Hookers and bl..

Oh wait..


4 children under 10


I got nothing. Sorry.

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re: Things to do in San Antonio


go to the river and pretend its new orleans.

At least there won't be trash on the ground and that cultural aroma of piss and vomit everywhere you go.

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Fat boy land
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re: Things to do in San Antonio

Six Flags with discount. Go see bat guano in the cave.

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Finkle is Einhorn
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re: Things to do in San Antonio

Thanks everybody. Looks like we are gonna do sea world, river walk and check out schlitterbahns and the Alamo

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re: Things to do in San Antonio

Liberty bar, Its a restaurant.

Chesters burgers, you can order a beer with your burger. The burgers are pretty good.

Central Market if you have a chance to check it out, they have good fresh made tortillas

Rosario’s Mexican Cafe

La Fogata

El Mirador

Earl Abel's, for a blast to the past!

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re: Things to do in San Antonio

There is a great restaurant near Seaworld called Two Step that is really good. Voted best margarita in town and there is a chicken and chorizo meal that is amazing. Everything I have had is good there. In an old farm house they moved to the location.

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LSU Tiger09
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re: Things to do in San Antonio

Go to Deer Park... Neighborhood that requires residents to allow deer in their yard

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Gulf Coast Tiger
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re: Things to do in San Antonio

Also 6 flags is pretty good.

Schlitterbaun is awesome also

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re: Things to do in San Antonio

- Sea World
* I live about a mile from it, way better amusement park than Fiesta Texas.

- Alamo/Riverwalk
* These two are about 300 yards apart so do both. Across the street from the Alamo there are a bunch of tourist places like Ripley's Believe It or Not and Guinness World Records that are worth checking out. Boat tours on the river are fun.

- Breckenridge Park / San Antonio Zoo
* Both are fun for the whole family and inexpensive.

- Tubing in New Braunfels
* The Guadalupe tends to be too low to tube during droughts like we have right now and you end up walking and carrying your tube, instead float the Comal, which actually in New Braunfels unlike the Guad which is outside town. Its also located right next to Schlitterbahn which is considered the best water park in the US.

- Haunted Railroad Tracks
* Been here a couple of times and its worth the time just because its weird. There are usually several cars lined up to see/try this.
* Long story but basically a bus broke down on the tracks and a train hit it killing a bunch of kids, now if you stop on the tracks and put your car in neutral it will roll up hill and over the tracks because "the kids are pushing you over to keep you from getting hit"
* The Legend
* Map

- Eat at La Margarita in downtown, The Longhorn Cafe(25 kinds of great burgers and even more beer), and the Tower of the Americas, which is San Antonio's space needle which has a rotating restaurant on top.

I've lived here forever so if you have any questions or need more suggestions feel free to ask.

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Pecan Ave
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re: Things to do in San Antonio

Get your truck (mini-van) stole. If you drive a F-250 or 350, you my sir are f*%ked. Good luck.

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