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Beginner guitar

Easy songs and easy ways to learn chord progression... Any input is welcome but don't come be a dick...

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re: Beginner guitar
Proud Mary


I really like CCR, and they have some good strumming songs.

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re: Beginner guitar

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re: Beginner guitar

Use my method. Start jamplay lesson, get bored 2/3 through lesson. Then go to youtube and find a lesson video on a song that is years past you level ability. Get frustrated when you can't do it and find a related video of a 15 year old playing it flawlessly. Then go to bed bitter and angry.

Really though Jamplay has a shitload of lessons that you would be paying 20-40 bucks an hour for and instead you are paying 19 a month.

There are a ton of other sites like it but it is a big one. It's flaw is not a lot of individual song lessons. They just don't want to mess with copyright issues I guess. But that is what JustinTV and Marty Schwartz youtube videos are for.

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re: Beginner guitar


Great choice for a beginner, assuming you like their music. There are hundreds of popular songs using the G-C-D chord progression—that's an easy progression to start off with, just look for the songs you like. A CCR song using that progression is "Who'll Stop the Rain"—cool song, easy to play.

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re: Beginner guitar
The main riff of smoke on the water. I think 99% of guitar players learned that one without knowing they were learning it

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re: Beginner guitar
Can't go wrong with CCR as far as learning chord progressions

I started out with some White Stripes, the guitar is usually quite simple and bluesy

Edward Sharpe has some simple chord progressions in his songs

Pretty much any nirvana song has a good riff or chord progression

and a good bit of John Frusciante's work on californiacation is somewhat basic, as he had just rejoined the band and had played guitar in 2-3 years.

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re: Beginner guitar
Find some G/C/D songs you like and practice them over and over.then just mess around with those chords, you'll pick up on some other songs you know.

I am a grunge guy and most of that stuff is easy to play. Marty Schwartz is the man...taught me a lot of stuff.

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