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Goose breast recipe?

My elderly neighbor lady's bulldog killed her ornamental goose this evening. Not a Canada goose, but similar.

I told her I would bury the goose, and I may, or may not have ( ) fileted the breast meat off of the goose.

I am thinking slicing and grilling with some seasame oil/ginger.

Any other ideas?


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re: Goose breast recipe?
It's like tougher duck meat. Best to stew IMO.

Goose Egg omelets are awesome though. I miss my grandparents farm and fresh eggs.

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re: Goose breast recipe?
Marinate it and grill it rare. This goes for wild goose not domestic goose killed by a dog. There is your answer.

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re: Goose breast recipe?
who's gonna take a "gander" at it?

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re: Goose breast recipe?
Put that baby in a crock pot with a can of 7-Up, an onion, and a package of onion soup mix. Cook on low for 8 hours. Delish.

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re: Goose breast recipe?
Ask the dog what he likes. He did all the work.

The wife (MHNBPF) says to definately not invite your elderly neighbor.

Good thing you arent a taxidermist!

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