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Registered on:10/19/2011
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re: Prefer living in a small/mid/large city or town? Why? - RedMustang
I love small towns. I grew up in a town of 300, and now live in a town of 3000. I'm a 20 second bike ride or 45 second walk away from work. I love the low crime rate, knowing all my neighbors, great schools, and living, where like Cheers, everyone knows your name. I hate can't stand crowds, traffi...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Your go to brand and roast of coffee? - RedMustang
Coffee Bean Direct-Creme Brûlée. ...
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re: dumbest thing you have seen someone buy - RedMustang
[quote]quote: dumbest thing you have seen someone buy A home phone. [/quote] I saw someone buy a $5 extended service plan at Best Buy on a home phone that was $29.99. No joke. ...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Frank Deford: Americans Don't Care About Major League Soccer - RedMustang
[quote]quote: Do you care about MLS? [/quote] I care more about my lawn and would rather watch the grass grow than watch MLS. ...
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re: OT rating: Rebecca from Pawn Stars SFW - RedMustang
I was just thinking about her today while I was watching Pawn Stars. Would love to bang her in a library every day of the week and twice on Sunday's. ...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: What's the going rate for a house sitter? - RedMustang
$100/week. A 28 year old can always use cash. If he refuses, buy him a gift. ...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Rumor: Browns, Eagles Discussing Trade Involving Johnny Manziel And Sam Bradford - RedMustang
Why would any team in their right mind want Manziel AND Marioto? What a shite show that would be. It makes no sense whatsoever. ...
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re: Bill Walton considered one of the best of all time if not for injuries? - RedMustang
[quote]Name one person who thinks bill Walton is tGOAT[/quote] Bill Walton for one. ...
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re: #1 Wisconsin- 63 #1 Duke 68. FINAL DUKE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS - RedMustang
[quote]Posted by MikeyFL For fun, here are the live odds: LINK [/quote] It has Wiscy with a 97.6% chance of winning. Wish I could put a load down on Duke with those odds. ...
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re: Happy Easter! Whatcha cookin today? - RedMustang
I thought ought everyone had ham on Easter? ...
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re: JJ puts down a faster 40 time than Cam - RedMustang
[quote] Message Posted by metafour So thats like a ~4.65 in real life. [/quote] It's actually a 4.84 if it was run in a track meet. To convert from hand held time to FAT, the formula is to round every time up to the next tenth and add .24. Thus, 4.51 becomes 4.6 plus .24 = 4.84. ...
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re: #6 Auburn Softball Thread *40-6 record* (12-3 SEC) - RedMustang
[quote]Posted by bird35 I watched a few innings today. I am glad the sport has progressed. Years ago it was very difficult for any team to score and not nearly so good to watch. [/quote] I think the changes from using a white to yellow softball, and moving the pitching distance from 40 to 43 feet...
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re: WFDT - RedMustang
Chicken Lo Mein and croissants. ...
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re: At what age do you believe people should be allowed to legally consume alcohol? - RedMustang
19 I don't like the idea of high school seniors being able to drink legally. Let them wait until they are in college. ...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: How unhealthy are these sweetened banana chips? - RedMustang
[quote] Chances are, it's not olive, grape, flaxseed, sunflower seed, or coconut oi[/quote] It is coconut oil. Coconut oil is not a good oil at all. It accounts for much, if not all of the 14 grams of saturated fat in the chips. People should aim to eat less than 25 grams of saturated fats in a d...
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re: Coffee mugs...what you got baw? Here's mines - RedMustang
I looked at the Yeti, but I'm surprised that it has a cheap looking plastic top that doesn't seal and is not spillproof. Got the Contigo Autoseal instead. ...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: UConn women vs Dayton betting...-60,000 on ML in a regional final- - RedMustang
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are going to bet $60,000 to make $100? That's insane. ...
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re: Nick Saban Has Lost Control - RedMustang
[quote]Posted by SABANrulz1 UA had a rb in the NFl who could not read or write, He some how got his degree at UA, This speaks for itself if you want the rbs name ask? [/quote] I'll take a stab. Lacy? Richardson? Wait, is he even in the NFL anymore?...
Posted on SEC Rant
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Les Miles Responds To Terry Bradshaw Comments
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Can't wait to see him in purple and gold.
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