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Republican led House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories

cwill Saints fan711/22 4:53 pm
by WPBTiger

Who are these three cackling hens on CNN?

upgrayedd LaTech fan1211/22 4:28 pm
by upgrayedd

California drought worst in recorded history! It's climate change you deniers!

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LSUTigersVCURams LSU fan4511/22 3:49 pm
by Jim Ignatowski

Fast and Furious: still covering up while pretending...

ChEgrad LSU fan011/22 3:25 pm
by ChEgrad

About that enhanced "priority" deportation promised under the EO...

udtiger LSU fan511/22 3:16 pm
by redandright

Who is responsible for the destruction of the black family?

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fillmoregandt Olemiss fan10511/22 2:37 pm
by StrongSafety

Bombshell: Email proves Obama/Holder targeted Sharyl Attkisson

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Da Sheik LSU fan11011/22 1:49 pm
by redandright

Someone Please Explain How Glenn Beck Does It

RedStickBR LSU fan911/22 1:29 pm
by Jake88

Obama just doesn't get it

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WeeWee LSU fan2511/22 1:24 pm
by JabarkusRussell

so Obama is expanding the Afghan war. ..

CptBengal USA fan411/22 12:55 pm
by WPBTiger


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boxcarbarney LSU fan2611/22 12:43 pm
by coonass27

We are a nation of immigrants

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deltaland MissSt fan4411/22 11:55 am
by Keltic Tiger

Immigration Questions

Jax-Tiger LSU fan511/22 11:43 am
by Reubaltaich

Will the Ferguson Verdict be Announced Sunday?

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KCT LSU fan2011/22 11:25 am
by beebefootballfan

most stable region in the world?

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HunterGomez LSU fan4211/22 11:08 am
by WMTigerFAN

30,000 missing emails from IRS' Lerner recovered

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wickowick LSU fan4311/22 10:06 am
by Bestbank Tiger

The Irony...

LSUnation78 LSU fan311/22 9:15 am
by CamdenTiger

The Ferguson Protestors Were Yelling Racial Slurs Last Night

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KCT LSU fan6211/22 9:09 am
by Zach


Zach LSU fan511/22 8:52 am
by Zach

Judge rules Illinois pension overhaul unconstitutional

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TigerintheNO LSU fan2011/22 8:24 am
by udtiger

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