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sooo Turbin is starting

castorinho Oklahoma fan412/21 7:39 pm
by More beer please

No Lynch yet

More beer please UNC fan012/21 7:35 pm
by More beer please

does jeremy hill get 9 points?

zach.wlkr LSU fan512/21 7:04 pm
by saturday

Up By 13.9....

daw9 Georgia fan312/21 7:00 pm
by Telephone Tough Guy

Official Music Board Phantasy Phootball League Thread

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CaptainPanic USoA fan177212/21 6:42 pm
by massiveattack

TDBBL: Week 8

MrWiseGuy USA fan1412/21 6:36 pm
by MrWiseGuy

Take your pick - do I win the league championship?

House_of Cards LSU fan312/21 6:25 pm
by oleyeller

Late fantasy BB league for FF players

HeadCoach LSU fan012/21 6:19 pm
by HeadCoach

Holy bleep I think I pulled the huge upset

Boomtown LSU fan512/21 6:03 pm
by Ellunchboxo

Official F You to players (and coaches) that likely cost you Championships

(Page 1 2)
okietiger AirForce fan2712/21 5:59 pm
by CheeseburgerEddie

Eli Manning Appreciation Thread

DeathValley85 LSU fan412/21 5:57 pm
by Ellunchboxo

WTF Andrew Luck

(Page 1 2 3 4)
Fusaichi Pegasus Lamar fan6012/21 5:52 pm
by matsuflex

Did Andre Williams score a rushing TD earlier?

mattgr1983 LSU fan412/21 5:51 pm
by RedMustang

Odell getting it started early this week

(Page 1 2)
rballa19 LSU fan2012/21 5:40 pm
by drizztiger

Romo will win fantasy championships again

tigerskin LSU fan412/21 5:19 pm
by castorinho

Started Murray - support thread

CheeseburgerEddie Alabama fan1712/21 4:24 pm
by CheeseburgerEddie

Murray Meltdown >> TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DeathValley85 LSU fan612/21 4:22 pm
by DeathValley85

If I played Ryan Mathews instead of Gore in week 13, I'd have won it all.

xxKylexx LSU fan312/21 3:42 pm
by forksup

D. Murray or CJ Anderson

Damn Good Dawg Georgia fan412/21 3:26 pm
by Damn Good Dawg

Joique Bell not playing

(Page 1 2)
lsupride87 LSU fan2912/21 3:20 pm
by dnm3305

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