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Most ridiculous comedy premises

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SwaggerCopter TexasA&M fan2410/17 10:27 am
by WG_Dawg

SOL but I miss the Sopranos...

TigerGman LSU fan1310/17 9:23 am
by Ace Midnight

Sylvia episode of Little House on the Prairie

madamsquirrel LSU fan1410/17 9:05 am
by MSTiger33

Trance with James McAvoy on HboGo

SirSaintly Saints fan810/17 8:24 am
by ligerbait

Nashville: season 3 thread

King of New Orleans LSU fan510/17 1:01 am
by King of New Orleans

Actress Elizabeth Pena of Modern Family dead at age 55

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The Pirate King TexasTech fan2810/17 12:02 am
by MMauler

Superman Was Too Powerful to be Interesting in Man of Steel

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AlaTiger LSU fan15010/16 11:46 pm
by abellsujr


dawgfan24348 Georgia fan610/16 10:55 pm
by FootballNostradamus

A to Z Season 1 Episode 3

SwaggerCopter TexasA&M fan510/16 10:40 pm
by LSUSkip

X-men DOFP Clarification (SPOILERS)

elprez00 Saints fan1910/16 10:15 pm
by crazytiger

The Wicker Man. How much do you hate it?

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UL-SabanRival ULL fan2410/16 7:37 pm
by Melvin

Still not sure about Capaldi as The Doctor But I would destroy Jenna Coleman

Green Chili Tiger LSU fan1210/16 7:03 pm
by TigerMyth36

Just watched Run Ronnie Run.

olemc999 Florida fan1510/16 6:29 pm
by Wrenchruh

Left Behind: Nic Cage version

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BS USA fan2610/16 6:29 pm
by Walt OReilly

The Dark Tower Series, so awesome, ever gonna hit movies or TV?

Ash Williams LSU fan610/16 6:25 pm
by TigerMyth36

The Crow

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LSUDVM1999 LSU fan3210/16 6:21 pm
by OceanMan


madamsquirrel LSU fan110/16 5:15 pm
by TigerMyth36

This season of Top Chef

DoUrden Tennessee fan1210/16 4:52 pm
by Gris Gris

Was The Waterboy ahead of its time?

PurpleandGoldmember LSU fan1910/16 2:46 pm
by Napoleon

unofficial review of Peaky Blinders *maybe spoilers

CaptainPanic USoA fan910/16 2:17 pm
by CaptainPanic

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