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Just finished Tomb Raider, first one I have played in the series

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by Roaad
433/6 5:22 pm
Mr Gardoki

An update to the board about MCC

by Kodar
Kodar Auburn fan153/6 5:02 pm

Anybody like FMV video games

by Tom288
Tom288 Florida fan153/6 5:02 pm
The Dude's Rug

Kerbal Space Program 40% discount on Steam right now

by Henry Jones Jr
Henry Jones Jr Olemiss fan113/6 3:08 pm

Bloodborne pvp\co-op info, screens

by JombieZombie
JombieZombie Alabama fan43/6 2:41 pm

Anyone else using Cox having trouble with Blizzard tonight?

by schwag
schwag13/6 10:42 am


by HailToTheChiz
HailToTheChiz UNC fan173/6 10:11 am

DGDT: What's next?

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by sicboy
sicboy Cincy fan943/5 8:26 pm
Mr Gardoki

Would I be wrong in saying the Metroid series is HIGHLY neglected by Nintendo?

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by FourThreeForty
FourThreeForty PennState fan243/5 7:58 pm

Rock Band 4 coming later this year

by WarSlamEagle
WarSlamEagle Gonzaga fan103/5 5:10 pm

Dead Space Series (potential spoilers down the OP)

by Kodar
Kodar Auburn fan83/5 3:50 pm

Steam Sales: How is Payday 2? Borderlands The Prequel? Wasteland 2?

by HailToTheChiz
HailToTheChiz UNC fan53/5 3:28 pm

How is H1Z1 different from DayZ?

by i am dan
i am dan Auburn fan103/5 3:06 pm

Microsoft admits 'we've lost our way' on PC games

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by stout
stout Arizona fan343/5 1:12 pm
Mr Gardoki

TDGB TOTD - Dev Is A Swell Guy Edition

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by Devious
Devious Stanford fan1233/5 4:55 am

Tigerdroppings GTA:V crew thread

(Page 1 2 3 4)
by hawgfaninc
hawgfaninc Stanford fan793/5 1:42 am

VR Gaming - Sony Unveils Project Morpheus

by CockInYourEar
CockInYourEar SouthCarolina fan53/4 10:25 pm

So I had a dream I was playing arkham knight

by Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder Tulane fan123/4 9:22 pm

Killzone Shadow Fall

by lwlsu96
lwlsu96 Butler fan43/4 7:06 pm

Live Action Zelda Teaser

by BaddestAndvari
BaddestAndvari BowlingGreen fan113/4 4:43 pm
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