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Favorite team:LSU 
Location:Chicago, IL
Number of Posts:181
Registered on:2/8/2008
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re: Oscar Awards swag bags: $167,000 (given to all nominees).. - ChiSaint
The paradox of life...the richer you are, the more free shite you get. Strange items in the gift bag though....
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Who is worth the most on Shark Tank? - ChiSaint
[quote]Cuban is worth more than if you multiplied all the others' worths together.[/quote] You don't really understand how multiplication works, huh?...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Woman With Service Kangaroo Tossed From McDonald's - ChiSaint
(No Message)...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Truth - will you pull for Bama to beat OSU ? - ChiSaint
[quote]this is like being asked to choose between venereal diseases[/quote] Yes, but Bama is like AIDS and OSU is merely gonorrhea....
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re: Been watching a lot of Jordan, Bird, Johnson Documentaries lately... - ChiSaint
[quote]Magic Bird Jordan In that order. Jordan never beat Bird[/quote] How far down the list of all-time greats do you put Jordan? I don't come here often but every time I've read a thread with "Jordan" in the title, there you are to shite all over him. I know you put Kobe ahead of h...
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re: Chicago downtown lsu bar??? - ChiSaint
Yup, go to the Standard. It's in Wicker Park but worth the cab ride. Great bar for LSU games....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Top QB, RB, WR combos in CFB history - ChiSaint
I'll throw out 2004 Auburn: Qb - Jason Campbell RB - Cadillac Williams RB - Ronnie Brown WR - Ben Obomanu, Devin Aromashodu, Courtney Taylor...
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re: Will the fact Nadal has trouble winning on grass affect his legacy? - ChiSaint
[quote]Also, let's not forget that if not for a pulled back in january in the final, Nadal probably would have become the first person since the 60's, and only the second male ever, to win each slam at least twice. That's pretty much the opposite of someone who can be labeled a one court specialis...
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re: Official 2014 The Championships, Wimbledon Thread - ChiSaint
While I still expect Nadal to win, this is looking like a 3+ hour match. Not great for Nadal since he has to play again tomorrow. Dropping the first set each match is going to take a toll on him in the later rounds....
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re: Official 2014 The Championships, Wimbledon Thread - ChiSaint
[quote]Kyrgios serving the hell out the ball[/quote] He hasn't lost a point on his first serve. I can't imagine that will last for much longer but still, it's amazing....
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re: Has a FCS school ever had a 5 star guy come to the school out of HS? - ChiSaint
[quote]Princeton does not award scholarships so that will be a very expensive education (but profitable education at the same time).[/quote] It's true that the Ivies do not award athletic scholarships but I can guarantee that dude isn't paying for his education. It's funny how pretty much every f...
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re: UFC 167 - GSP vs. Bigg Rigg for the Welterweight Championship (11/16) - ChiSaint
[quote]You only coast in the fifth round of a fight versus GSP if you've DOMINATED the first four rounds. [/quote] This. I'm a GSP fan who thought Hendricks deserved the win. That said, that was just dumb (and arrogant) not to go balls to the wall in the fifth. Right or wrong, in both boxing and ...
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re: Randy Moss' top 5 Wide receivers today - ChiSaint
Whenever I see these lists, I just feel bad for Larry Fitz. I think he would be an unquestionable top 3 WR if he had a half decent QB. The guy is so talented but everyone forgets about him since he has the Kevin Kolbs and Carson Palmers of world unable to get him the rock....
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re: Is Jimmy Graham the most talented TE to play the game? - ChiSaint
[quote]Jimmy is a full 6'7, with 4.55 speed, a 38 inch vertical, and monster wingspan.[/quote] [quote]Yes he is the most talented by far imo[/quote] Although I think Jimmy is currently and will ultimately be considered the superior TE, if we're factoring in athleticism and current production, ...
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re: If/when we land Tony Brown - ChiSaint
[quote]i got to ask this question.. and please dont take it in a negative way.. but if LSU is DBU why are/could we loose 4* in state guys to ANYONE? guys like hootie and Hardeman who either decommit or will lean to a different school. i'm not understanding why they wouldn't want to play for us. If w...
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re: Official U.S. Open Tennis Thread. - ChiSaint
Damn, Donald Young won a GS match 6-1, 6-0, 6-1. Not a bad way to win your second match of the year....
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re: Russell Shepard Update: Not expected to earn roster spot - ChiSaint
Didn't the Miles bashers always claim "If RS were at Oregon, he'd contend for the Heisman"? Doesn't sound like Chip Kelly, the mastermind of the Oregon offense, can find a use for him in Philly. I'm thinking maybe Miles knew exactly how much of a talent RS was....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: 89 year old WW2 veteran beaten to death by two black teens - ChiSaint
This killing and the Lane murder are getting way more msm coverage than any other black on white crime I can remember (well, other than the OJ case). Glad to see some members of the black media finally pointing out what is wrong with so many urban communities: [link=(
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Has anyone climbed to the summit of a Mountain? - ChiSaint
[quote]Using IMG. I see you used them as well. I've heard good things.[/quote] I can't say enough good things about my experience with IMG. Do you know who your guides are?...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: 3 Day Mt. Rainier Climb- video added to OP - ChiSaint
I did this exact same route with IMG in 2011. One of the best things I ever done. It's really tough and yet so rewarding. The views are incredible (pray for good weather) and the sense of accomplishment when you make the summit surpasses most other achievements. We're thinking of doing the climb...
Posted on Outdoor Board
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Les Miles Responds To Terry Bradshaw Comments
Bradshaw talked about LSU QB Brandon Harris last week.
Antonio Blakeney Dominates Jordan Brand Classic Scrimmage
Can't wait to see him in purple and gold.
Video: Mikie Mahtook's 1st Big League Home Run
Welcome to the big league Mikie.
LSU Adds John Treloar To Staff As Assistant Coach
Coach Johnny Jones announced the hire Wednesday afternoon.
Antonio Blakeney To Sign With LSU This Friday
Blakeney is rated as the No. 14 prospect for 2015.