Former ESPN and current Fox Sports College Football analyst Danny Kanell unveiled his playoff predictions for 2017 season. His playoff predictions are:

1. Ohio State
2. Florida State
3. Auburn
4. Oklahoma State

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I can see Oklahoma State, Alabama, USC and Michigan
Reply12 days
And he wonders why ESPN fired his ass.
Reply13 days
Who is Danny Kanell ????
Reply14 days
And yet he gets paid handsomely as a CFB "expert".
Reply15 days
Auburn? Bwahahaha
Reply15 days
Reply15 days
What did he do? Take the top 20 teams, put them on a board and throw darts and hit his 4 picks?
Reply16 days
3 out of 4 are already out ? Why would he pick Auburn ? Alabama is arguably the only team you wouldn’t leave out on this list ? But he won’t leave out his alma mater though ? Just a frickin idiot
Reply16 days
It took two weeks. Two weeks to show thisbman is an idiot and knows nothing.... yet somehow was getting paid for it.
Reply16 days
Only in 2 games and his rankings are not even remotely close. Like I said, What rational football fan would even remotely be interested in Danny Kanell's rankings. The weather report in North Korea is looking like a better topic everyday
Reply16 days
0 and 3 so far
Reply16 days
Lol stupid stupid.
Reply17 days
What a stupid a-hole.
Reply18 days
He may be down to one after this week. Biggest clown in broadcasting
Reply21 days
I guess Kannel can kiss Florida State off his list.I said Alabama would win.
Reply21 days
OK State? Dreamin'
Reply21 days
OK State has an excellent team that is well coached. May be a stretch to call them in the playoffs though.
21 days
OK State's only challenge in BigXII is Oklahoma. if either of those teams is undefeated they'll be in
12 days
Ohio St Bama Oklahoma St Clemson
Reply21 days
Why would you post anything from this jackass on the SEC news?
Reply21 days
Same reason they still post stories about John Mezzely
21 days
Umm no
Reply21 days
Man I miss Danny and Ryen
Reply22 days
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