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re: Gay Marriage


Then don't make this about "pursuit of happiness" and make it about "money". They are not equal.

They can be to some people. More financial stability can equal happiness, not to mention being able to visit your loved one in the hospital.

And most importantly knowing you're afforded the same rights as any same sex couple will give many gay people that want to be married piece of mind, and therefore happiness.

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re: Gay Marriage
Obama isn't going to consider anything he promised because he is safe and he will continue to re-distribute money within the country, to his special interest cronies, and to other countries. It's anti-colonialism at its finest!

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re: Gay Marriage

Do you think Obama pushes for it or just ignores all of his constituents that voted for him because of that issue? My personal take is he used them to get their votes and will largely ignore them because he doesn't really care about the issue.

He has refused to defend DOMA. He recorded PSA's for the four states that had marriage referendums yesterday. And he WILL appoint SCOTUS justices that will legalize it. What else can he do?

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