How do behind the scenes trades work? |

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How do behind the scenes trades work?

For instance, if Dell and another team agreed to trade their asset for a 1st(which the Pels wouldn't have yet) and Gordon.

Demps would do what he had to do to acquire the 1st, and then be set for the trade.

What happens if the other team changes their mind? Is there a contract agreement stating if the Pels get what they request, that the trade has to go through?

Basically what I'm asking is..can you contractually agree to terms before you have the pieces in the deal?

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re: How do behind the scenes trades work?

Interesting, I'm not really sure either. Especially for deals like the Asik deal. The trade was agreed upon about 2 weeks before it can go through.

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re: How do behind the scenes trades work?

The CP3 to the Lakers was reportedly agreed to in principle before getting a veto from "ownership". So it probably is possible for the Asik deal to fall apart, but Houston has been trying to move him for quite a while now and no doubt had other options besides the Pelicans. It's unlikely the situation would change much over the next 2 weeks.

As for how the league handles enforcement of agreed to in principle deals, the league office does have to approve all transactions. I would imagine that if there was any documentation, like a chain of emails, the commissioner would not take kindly to a team reneging on an agreement and might force a deal through just like they occasionally veto some.

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re: How do behind the scenes trades work?

I view the GMs are like a tight knit group, you frick someone over, word gets around quick.

You don't wanna be a black sheep in a job where interaction with other team GMs are a necessity

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re: How do behind the scenes trades work?

After the Asik deal is completed, I may be able to answer this. I asked a similar question earlier today to someone familiar with the process, but I can't get any details until everything is finalized with the trade.

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