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Looking to learn more about individual stock purchasing

Currently I have 401k, IRA, 529, emergency savings set up. Honestly, I think I'm doing ok financially, but comparing to my friends I'm doing very well. I have my financial house in pretty good order & have been following the standard financial plan. After each paycheck though, I tend to have a little left over.

Lately, I've been putting that money in savings at 0.75% until I decide what to do. I've considered real estate, rental property, etc. I read several websites but am looking to learn more about how to research & what to look for in individual stocks.

I've played around a little, made some good & bad calls, but I want to truly understand what I'm doing so I can do more of a "calculated decision" rather than an "educated guess" I suppose. I know about the big ones like PM, V, & KO, but I want to try to find opportunities in lesser known companies as well.

Can anyone recommend some reputable books, magazines, websites that could do teaching about how/why to purchase a stock rather than one that just recommends which ones to buy?

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re: Looking to learn more about individual stock purchasing


This pamplet is very informative.

One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch is a good book.

Good luck.

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re: Looking to learn more about individual stock purchasing

FWIW, take anything you read with a grain of salt. Folks will try to sell their view on "the" way to approach it but they are full of it.

What you need to learn is the meaning and significance of stock related statistics such as P/E.

The rest is mostly just keeping your ear to the ground, paying attention to news, and the final call essentially being an amalgamation of gut instinct and intuition.

To really be consistently successful, you need to have a talent at pattern recognition and analysis.

There is a reason why buy and hold investing is so often recommended. Keep that in mind.

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re: Looking to learn more about individual stock purchasing


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re: Looking to learn more about individual stock purchasing

My brother sent his son over today to learn a little about investing. He has $10,000.

We looked at WSJ, Yahoo Finance, Cramer's site, NYTimes, Fox Business, Wash Post and MSNmoney for some recommendations.

Here is what he decided to do for July: $5000 split between 3 stocks, CLMS, OPK and UVE. He will go to Scottrade to open account tomorrow. Scott gives no advice whatsoever, and TalkToChuckSchwabby wants him in their funds.

I will see him at family reunion early next month and then Nashville for the Vandy game to review events, and then talk about the remaining $5000 going into mutual funds or ETF's.

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