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Tax Question

I have a son who is in college and an ex-wife who insists on claiming him as a dependent. I have financial records stating that I have been his supporter for this past year while he is away in college. I have the records stating that I have deposited upwards of $7000 into his account and the ex-wife is no where near this amount. Can I claim him? She has custody of the kids, but he is no longer living at the house. He is in the dorm.

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re: Tax Question

If you don't have an arrangement in your divorce papers stating who will claim him, then whoever files first and claims him will most likely win out.

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re: Tax Question

Let him file his own return and claim himself and that settles the matter

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re: Tax Question


She has custody of the kids, but he is no longer living at the house. He is in the dorm.
Unless he spends over 50% of the nights he is not at school in your home she gets the claim for the dependent exemption. These are tricky issues since you could still be entitled to a deduction or credit for the money you paid for his college despite not claiming him as a dependent. My advice would be for you to go see a CPA with your ex-wife and ask him to figure out the solution that results in the lowest combined tax and compare it with the staus quo solution. If the savings are significant, and they could be significant if your filing status could change from single to head of household, then you negotiate how to split the savings, and everyone benefits.

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re: Tax Question

Well, it is something that will have to be looked at. If the child is 18 or over, usually custody has ended. It could then go to whomever supports him the most.

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re: Tax Question

Which one of you have claimed him in the recent past ?

Who provides his medical insurance ?

Who is in the higher tax bracket ?

If your claiming him is a change, best cordinate with your X.

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re: Tax Question

OP - Poodlebrain is the TD expert on tax matters. Email him and set up an appointment.

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