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Good find today

I went to the local junk/antique/whatever store today and bought a Lodge 8 inch cast iron frying pan for $7. It had some spotty rust, but I cleaned it up with an SOS pad, and seasoned it in the oven. It looks great now. I am going to use it exclusively for cornbread.

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re: Good find today

You sound like me. I can't resist a good deal on cast iron, I got better than 20 pieces now.

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re: Good find today


Good find


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re: Good find today

Good buy.

Best cast iron we have came from flea markets and junk stores.

Favorite piece was a skillet about six inches across and an inch and a half deep. Makes two perfect servings of cornbread if you cut it in half right out of the oven. Cooks great.

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