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Anyone familiar with Lowrance HDS units?

I know they have the lake insight and nautic insight models. The last one I had said "US Base Map W/O XD Card". I thought it was a nautic insight, but am now wondering if I was wrong. Could this be why it showed me on land when I was clearly on my boat in the water (sometimes not even very close to land).

Anyway I have a new one that I know has Nautic Insight. Looking forward to using it soon.

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re: Anyone familiar with Lowrance HDS units?
I JUST got one, haven't even put it on my boat yet. I'm hoping it works out pretty good so I can set some track lines and mark some spots for bass in deep water.

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re: Anyone familiar with Lowrance HDS units?
Got the HDS 7 insight usa when they came out. No problems with it. Best GPS I have ever had. New ones are even better.

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re: Anyone familiar with Lowrance HDS units?
You will like the Nautic Insight.

A bit of advice, call Standard Mapping and get one of their E-Cards for you favorite fishing area. At this time they are only available for the HDS units so you picked the right unit.

The card is a sat photo overlay of where you are and you have the ability to zoom WAY in. If you've ever seen theie folding maps that is exactly what you will see on your GPS, except you can zoom in... Awesome!!!

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re: Anyone familiar with Lowrance HDS units?
Put a HDS 5 in my boat a few months ago and love it so far! went with the lake insight as it was cheaper and I plan on upgrading the map card anyway.

+1 on the standard mapping, haven't got around to buying it yet, but definitely plan on getting one for mine, their fold out maps are bar none!

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re: Anyone familiar with Lowrance HDS units?
From what I understand about them, the basemap unit is the cheaper one, that you have to have a gps card for it to work right. The insight units have it built in.

I could be wrong, this is what a guy a BPS told me a while ago when they first came out and I was looking at one.

I have an older Eagle unit that will do what you are saying, show me on land when Im clearly on the water. I have go into the map settings and select the correct area I am in. I have a hotmaps card, and for me it is LA/TX I think. If I leave it set on default (Eagle map) the preloaded gps in the unit, if will only give me roads, & outlines of certain lakes/ rivers, but no contour.

Hope this helps.

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re: Anyone familiar with Lowrance HDS units?
i have a HDS 5 with lake insight, it shows everything pretty damn well, even the marshes and canals closer to the coast...they have a built in gps antennae
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