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Selling a house- for sale by owner

Never sold a house much less tried for sale by owner

How does this work? I put s sign out front, wait for buyers, get some type of a lawyer? Let the title company handle it?

Sorry for the "dumb" questions....any information would be great

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re: Selling a house- for sale by owner
-Use a FSBO website to help market your house.
-Price it just a little lower than the houses listed by realtors in your neighborhood since it doesn't't have the 6% commission attached to it.
-Be ready to say "No" or "Let me think about it" to 100 different realtors calling/e-mailing/stopping by during the open house.

Good luck!

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re: Selling a house- for sale by owner
I've done it and walked away with more cash in my pocket than my neighbors who sold with agents bc I didn't have to pay the 6% realtor commission.

As the other poster said, I'd go with a FSBO website since you get a lot of bang for your buck. They will also set you up with the standard purchase agreements for yor area. No need to get an attorney unless something goes wrong usually.

Unclutter everything (especially closets) and remove all personal pictures from the house before you show it. Also make sure it's spotless

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re: Selling a house- for sale by owner
The only 2 homes I've owned, I've sold FSBO. I just took what the realtors were asking in the neighborhood and asked about 5% less. I got a standard purchase agreement off the fsbobr website and sold it. Not very difficult at all

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re: Selling a house- for sale by owner
As others have stated use this or others like it. I just sold off of this site about 2 months ago. Did nothing. Had a purchase agreement from when we had purchased the house and modified it to fit our needs. The buyers did all of the work on their end. We just showed up to sign and pick up our check. Good Luck!

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re: Selling a house- for sale by owner
we've been working with for the last 8.5 yrs, agents are great but no way could i pay their commission cost too on the sale of my home.
call me if you have any questions,225.291.7901 x 224.
if you live outside of baton rouge, you have some advantages for your buyers, like the 100% rural development program.

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