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Leaving job- giving notice question

Not sure what rules are in texas but my company is based in Denver and I'm about to take a job at a competitor

Two part question

1. When I give notice I'm guessing they won't honor it because I'm leaving for a competitor. Do they have to pay my sick and days off? Been with them 8 years

2. Should I tell the HR rep or my boss where I'm going or just say I found another opportunity? They will find out because its a small industry. Ether way I'm going to tell them on a Friday

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re: Leaving job- giving notice question
I'd imagine they have to pay you for the time you've acquired. You've already earned that. As far as telling them you are lea bing for a competitor, I wouldn't say a word. If you were getting fired, would they tell you the name of the person taking your spot? I doubt it.

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re: Leaving job- giving notice question
No need to mention where you are going.

Though a lot also depends on your current relationship with your company/boss. If ya'll have a good relationship that extends beyond the 8-5 office borders and walls, will he/she be offended that you left for a competitor and didnt discuss it with them beforehand? If you dont have that type of relationship and its "just a job", then no need to give details. Thank them for your time/opportunity there and be on your way.

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re: Leaving job- giving notice question
If you have a personal relationship with your coworkers (you should after 8 years) and you feel as though your company deserves the favor....then give them notice.

If they were firing you or giving you a RIF slip, you wouldn't get notice. Lots of people think corporate America no longer deserves a courtesy like that after the last few years. I can understand that argument.

I'd personally give notice but I would not mention where I was going.
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re: Leaving job- giving notice question
Do you have separate sick days and vacation days or is it all accumulated into one number? I think most companies that split it out between sick and vacation don't pay out the sick.

Are you giving 2 weeks or are you just telling them Friday that you won't be back on Monday?

I wouldn't tell them where you're going.

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re: Leaving job- giving notice question
I'm not in Texas, but a perusal of the employment laws there look like you are not owed for accrued leave time unless you have some type of written agreement with the company.

So, in answer to question #2, I would tell them early and be honest with them - and then respectfully ask them to pay for at least some of your accrued time. Seems like honesty may be your best chance here.

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re: Leaving job- giving notice question
Tell them where you're going, but no disrespect is intended and you will gladly work 2-3 more weeks to make sure your current to-do's are taken care of. It's possible they'll want you out as soon as possible and pay you the 2 weeks anyway.

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