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re: How much money is enough? Is there any guidance: Employer vs employee
According to that link, the business would need 20 employees before the mandated spending limit becomes a factor. You stated he has 12, so why would anyone with 12 employees need to get around the law? As far as your initial question when does the profit become enough to fund entitlements.... It is relative to how competitive of an industry you work in. Some industries require the employer to supply health insurance to secure the top employees. As far as the $400K number... That $400K quickly becomes $200K after the government takes their part and I don't think $200K gets you very far in California. The owner now has $200K to take his cut and invest the necessary amount of capital in order to grow the company to ensure you have a job in the future. My family business employs 65-75 people and we are having to deal with the ACA mandate. Its going to cost us in excess of $100K a year if we can't get around it. Sure the money is there for it but at some point enough is enough.

As a side note.... I think with ACA we are going to see a trend in bigger companies just paying the tax rather than supplying their employees with health insurance. Its a good bit cheaper....

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re: How much money is enough? Is there any guidance: Employer vs employee

my issue is that businesses are supposed to follow the guild lines, not lie and cheat their way around them...and when they get caught there isn't a punitive penalty(jail or fines so high you wouldn't risk it)

Paying HC for the year > penalty for circumventing the law so you don't have to pay HC.

How are you supposed to compete against businesses that aren't "playing by the rules"?

If you don't want to play by the rules, sell or move your business.
This has already devolved into a Poli Board topic, which is why I don't usually click on that board.

Whiny liberalism may sound great in theory. Just keep in mind that a certain segment of the population needs to be out there taking risks, investing their own money, and creating jobs to keep the government cheese flowing.

Not that you would ever start your own company, but if you do please report back on whether any of your views have changed. You can pool your resources, beg for financing, and put in the tremendous amount of work it takes to get a new company off the ground. There's a good chance that you will still fail, or maybe just end up with some sort of moderate income.

But if in fact you do manage to successfully implement your dream, create jobs, and start making money, guess whose money that is? Yours? Nope. It belongs to the employees and the government.

Do you understand that we need people rolling up their sleeves, taking intelligent risks, and creating value to keep this country going? More importantly and related to the Money Board, what are the risks and rewards associated with using your money to start or expand a business versus other investment vehicles? You would argue that the reward should be none or minimal, despite the significant risk. Huh?

Please take your liberal crap to the Poli Board. I enjoy reading Money Talk because it is mostly rational and not polluted with that nonsense. Everyone else, sorry for the political rant.

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re: How much money is enough? Is there any guidance: Employer vs employee

just how much do you need before you take care of the people.....or just not try to circumvent laws?

If the company can hire people who can do the job (I'm assuming these people are blue collar) at a certain rate without health benefits, then why should it pay any more? If his employees valued health insurance, then they would leave.

How would a liberal do-gooder feel if the company said, "O.K., we'll establish a health plan -- so we'll be taking $1,500/month out of your checks to pay for it. Congrat, you have a 'health plan'!" And, add to that hypothetical, none of the 12 employees want a health care plan if it means taking $1,500/month out of their paychecks?


Oh I am aware, but the legal intent of the law

Well, this is what you get when you pass bad/political motivated and morally bankrupt laws -- you know, the type that no one reads before it's passed!
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re: How much money is enough? Is there any guidance: Employer vs employee
Please do not feed the troll. Keep the MT sane.

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re: How much money is enough? Is there any guidance: Employer vs employee
I RAd. This is a poli board topic and why I don't venture over there.

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