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Dicaprio and Gore, SJW's biggest hypocrites

Al Dante59/25 9:18 pm
by lsuroadie

Leonardo DiCaprio Epitomizes the Hypocrisy of Leftist SJW's

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KCT 1149/25 8:24 pm
by JoeMoTiger

Is there anything the fed government CAN'T do under the general welfare clause?

PrimeTime Money 189/25 8:16 pm
by PrimeTime Money

Cop shoots driver for … following his instructions

GumboPot 69/25 7:06 pm
by TutHillTiger

FNC - Brett Baier segment with local (ie: La) panel on Mary L.

Bard 139/25 7:04 pm
by southernelite

Is the claim of GW just the GW truthers using the politics of fear?

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DawgfaninCa 269/25 5:35 pm
by TutHillTiger

1st Infantry Division HQ to Iraq

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Lakeboy7 379/25 5:20 pm
by lsu480

Holder and the Senate race

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Zach 399/25 4:55 pm
by Poodlebrain

How the apple watch and Silicone valley Could Help Revolutionize Health Care

HailHailtoMichigan! 19/25 4:53 pm
by 90proofprofessional

Islamic State getting bombed by its allies...somethings fishy

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Ghazi379/25 4:43 pm
by genuineLSUtiger

Women's Soccer (And The Media) Turn A Blind To Domestic Violence

trackfan 149/25 4:37 pm
by a want

when was the last time we had a good Attorney General?

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Hawkeye95 219/25 4:37 pm
by Taxing Authority

The Good Reverend Helping with the Next AG search

burdman 79/25 4:10 pm
by ApexTiger

Cop asks for license, citizen reaches for license, guess what happens!

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Iosh 689/25 3:33 pm
by Zamoro10

In an effort to cut costs, USPS will now HAVE to convert positions to union jobs

conservativewifeymom29/25 3:13 pm
by DonChowder

why the war on woman meme will continue

Hawkeye95 99/25 3:06 pm
by mmcgrath

Judge denies Holder's request to delay release of Fast and Furious documents

Alahunter 129/25 3:04 pm
by idlewatcher

for samson'sseed (re: ISIS just wants a Iraq and Syria; not the US)

mostbesttigerfanever 29/25 2:47 pm
by MSCoastTigerGirl

Anyone else getting lit up with RNC/GOP/NRSC calls?

Pettifogger79/25 2:28 pm
by Pettifogger

Sandy hook -- has anyone ever seen pictures of this crime ?

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1DuckyBoy 469/27 1:24 pm
by HappyTownTiger

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