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Kim Jong Un is back.

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swamplynx McNeeseState fan3110/18 2:41 pm
by Placebeaux

Politicians and evolving positions

Revelator1210/18 2:27 pm
by Zach

Synod on the Family takes shot at US, EU, UN re: foreign aid

TN Bhoy USA fan010/18 1:10 pm
by TN Bhoy

Would you keep the ACA in exchange for abolishing SS

deltaland MissSt fan1310/18 12:54 pm
by Bestbank Tiger

Why was Vinson on the plane? she went to a nursing conference...

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CptBengal USA fan2610/18 11:50 am
by stormy

"conservatives worry about threats to America---except the ones really kill" -JS

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Napoleon Saints fan10810/18 11:31 am
by the808bass

My Cop neighbor has his kid's trampoline up against my fence.

FT GATech fan1310/18 11:04 am
by Wolfhound45

lol Rick Scott is a vagina.

FT GATech fan1610/18 10:35 am
by goatmilker

2016 GOP nominee could get a third or more of AA vote

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RollTide4Ever Alabama fan4510/18 9:36 am
by Lakeboy7

I live next door to a cop, and he's singing Johnny Cash.

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FT GATech fan2110/18 9:26 am
by FT

President Obama's Credit Card Was Declined

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TT9 Alabama fan2010/18 9:22 am
by TN Bhoy

Campaigner In Chief -- to an unprecedented degree

McLemore610/18 9:15 am
by Zach

Question regarding the FBI director's threat against iOS and Android.

Scoop LSU fan610/18 8:45 am
by Bestbank Tiger

The Ebola Conspiracy

RTOTA Alabama fan910/18 8:11 am
by TX Tiger

Obama is a Conservative Plant

Aubie Spr96 Auburn fan1210/18 8:09 am
by TX Tiger

Michelle's lunch program - bon apetite

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bamarep8510/18 7:47 am
by weagle99

My Annual Cheers to LSURussian

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LSUGrrrl LSU fan4810/18 6:11 am
by NC_Tigah

Y'all keep watching Turkey...

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Meauxjeaux Memphis fan3610/18 5:16 am
by StraightCashHomey21

Religious Nuts Look Tame Compared To Partisan Political Nuts

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genuineLSUtiger LSU fan2010/18 12:32 am
by BuckyBadger

"Belize confirms patient with Ebola symptoms on cruise ship off its coast"

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MrLSU LSU fan3910/17 11:07 pm
by Asgard Device

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