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i just figured out what im watching

section414 LSU fan311/24 10:16 pm
by section414

Saints would still control destiny at 4-8 after loses this week and next

JETigER LSU fan1011/24 10:16 pm
by Laaz2750

Must see live TV is on CNN

JS87 Saints fan511/24 10:15 pm
by navy

We gunna win!

tigersint Saints fan311/24 10:14 pm
by Thurber

Why do we not run the hurry up?

NamariTiger711/24 10:14 pm
by musick

Come on Jimmy!

slappa da bass LSU fan311/24 10:12 pm
by Jake88

frick PT23:

oVo Pelicans fan011/24 10:09 pm
by oVo

3 game homestand and 0 fer

pmacneworleans411/24 10:09 pm
by Laaz2750

This is the first thought that popped into my head!!!!

Mr. Hangover Saints fan411/24 10:08 pm
by Laaz2750

Goodwin needs to give his game check back.

ruzil SLU fan211/24 10:07 pm
by Diddles

from talking about the super bowl to losing 3 straight games at home

Dr. Morgus LSU fan811/24 10:07 pm
by Dr. Morgus

This OL is garbage, Brees is doing a fabulous job with what he got

Northwestern tiger Saints fan1511/24 10:06 pm
by dcrews

bye Rob, he gone...

Tiger Nation 84 LSU fan1611/24 10:05 pm
by Fox Mulder

Glad we have an "elite" QB

LSUZombie Saints fan1911/24 10:05 pm
by Jack Bauer7

Brees gonna Brees

GEAUXTIGER23 LSU fan211/24 10:03 pm

Payton and Brees have no edge

Fox Mulder Tulane fan511/24 10:02 pm
by redfish99

Whatever happens, defense deserves props

Brettesaurus Rex Saints fan611/24 10:02 pm
by Diddles

4-4 with 3 straight home games

LSULEFTY LSU fan911/24 10:01 pm
by LSUzealot

Siren time!!!

oVo Pelicans fan011/24 9:59 pm
by oVo

How was Patrick Robinson a first round pick?

tigerNation09 Pelicans fan711/24 9:58 pm
by JS87

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