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speckhead1312/21 4:19 pm
by Big EZ Tiger

once again the zebras cost us

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dallastiger55 LSU fan2912/21 4:18 pm
by ALWho

Payton knows what needs to be addressed.

adamb2151 LSU fan1812/21 4:16 pm
by IPlayedGreatTonight

Would you take Jameis Winston in the first.

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Macintosh504 OhioState fan2712/21 4:12 pm
by Porkchop Express

The goose is cooked, it's in the oven and burnt

Weaver SLU fan112/21 4:09 pm
by Kafka

Offensive Guard 2014 salary

hounddog69 LSU fan812/21 4:01 pm
by drizztiger

Jimmy Graham was the worst player on the field

Gen Patton1712/21 4:00 pm
by landrywasbeast30

Best question of the year.....

namvet6566 LSU fan1112/21 3:53 pm
by roscoe mike

Trade Graham and Ingram for draft picks or OL

uptownsage412/21 3:52 pm
by eightynine

 La'el Collins, G/OT, LSU  Height: 6-5. Weight: 321. 

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NamariTiger2612/21 3:46 pm
by Big Sway

Outscored 159-85 in last 5 home games

lsutigers1992 Saints fan512/21 3:46 pm
by SabiDojo

Make the right moves now!

bearhc LSU fan412/21 3:39 pm
by bearhc

Brees the stat whore going to light it up next week

SirWinston LSU fan1112/21 3:37 pm
by chalmetteowl

The Drew Brees era should be brought to a merciful end.

Slippy1612/21 3:37 pm
by Colonel Flagg

Locks for the game

Brettesaurus Rex Saints fan112/21 3:34 pm
by Brettesaurus Rex

things need to change

saintsalwaysnumber1 OhioState fan212/21 3:29 pm
by mmonro3

Why did Brees do so much running this season?

mahdragonz LSU fan612/21 3:29 pm
by Cap Crunch

Alejandro was right

NIH ULL fan712/21 3:26 pm
by NIH

Josh Gordon

Fox Mulder Tulane fan512/21 3:23 pm
by jorconalx

There is still a chance....

Lee4heisman LSU fan412/21 3:22 pm
by Champagne

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