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we are back baby!

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dallastiger55 LSU fan4110/19 4:48 pm
by Laaz2750

Anybody have video of the "running into the kicker"?

fleaux LSU fan110/19 4:47 pm
by JW6

Window is closed

MrWillie LSU fan1110/19 4:47 pm
by SEClint

This team is absolutely pathetic

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JS87 Saints fan3210/19 4:42 pm
by Fat Bastard

Next Sunday night in the Dome

TechDawg2007 Saints fan110/19 4:33 pm
by Jack Bauer7

Up here in the DFW area

Purpleye LSU fan010/19 4:28 pm
by Purpleye

Brees cost us the game

caljammer82 LSU fan1410/19 4:25 pm
by Jack Bauer7

Season not over

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Boomshockalocka LSU fan3710/19 4:24 pm
by Boomshockalocka

Our division sucks let's cool it

Fox Mulder Tulane fan1310/19 4:21 pm
by SaintlyTiger88

I'm sick to my stomach...

caljammer82 LSU fan210/19 4:21 pm
by TechDawg2007

This Team Has No.... Marbles.

elprez00 Saints fan010/19 4:18 pm
by elprez00

Blaming it on the refs. Lol. We screwed ourselves

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swamie Memphis fan6110/19 4:18 pm
by TigerBait1127

Would you rather make the playoffs at 6-10 or the draft spot it would come with?

Brettesaurus Rex Saints fan1210/19 4:17 pm
by Hugo Stiglitz

The Saints and Tigers haven't won on the same weekend yet......

LSULEFTY LSU fan810/19 4:12 pm
by D011ahbi11

Good Read from MMQB on the Saints cap situation

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Sophandros Tulane fan22810/19 4:11 pm
by BaBaDoo

Draft O-lineman first round

TechDawg2007 Saints fan610/19 4:09 pm
by LooseCannon22282

Junior Galette was awesome

landrywasbeast30410/19 4:05 pm
by landrywasbeast30

Drew Brees is Anthony Jennings' evil twin

IPlayedGreatTonight LSU fan710/19 4:04 pm
by IPlayedGreatTonight

Lets talk Drafting a QB with our rd 1 pick. who you got?

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Tiger Nation 84 LSU fan4110/19 4:01 pm
by WPBTiger

Drew brees interception is to blame. not the refs.

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Tiger Nation 84 LSU fan2310/19 3:55 pm
by TigerBait1127

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