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ESPN released post-signing day SEC quarterback rankings this week and pegged LSU all the way down at No. 13, which seems a little too low but here's what they had to say.

13. LSU: With a new offensive coordinator in the fold, the competition for the starting job should be wide open. Danny Etling and Brandon Harris lead the pack (Etling took the starting job from Harris three games into last season; Harris was the primary starter in 2015), but neither has been particularly impressive in their time on the field. Justin McMillan and Lindsey Scott, QB recruits from each of the past two classes, respectfully, are back. And talented new blood enters the competition in the form of 2017 recruits Lowell Narcisse and Myles Brennan, both of whom are ESPN 300 prospects. Narcisse is already on campus; Brennan will follow in the summer.
Complete Power Rankings
1. Alabama
2. Auburn
3. Arkansas
4. Ole Miss
5. Georgia
6. Mississippi State
7. South Carolina
8. Missouri
9. Tennessee
10. Kentucky
11. Texas A&M
12. Vanderbilt
13. LSU
14. Florida
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I guess ESPN forgot about Bama losing Kiffin...that doesn't bold well for a young QB who heavily relied on him. Just saying.
Reply2 months
This is the stupidest thing I've read today.
Reply2 months
I'm going to say it again I bet who ever makes it out of this years QB competition will finsih in the top 6 of QBs in the sec and will have more wins than anyone besides maybe Bama's only bc their team has so much depth everywhere else. It's easy to play from the lead or with half of a field your defense gives you. Etling is easily one of the better QBs in the SEC and it's really not close. We'll see how they do with this staff but I'm willing to bet this team responds much more efficiently on offense, defense and special teams. Imagine this Aranda didn't really break his defense out until the UL game and he even said there's much more to his defense! This guy alone will win us lots of games next year. Our offense will be 10 times better than cams and the ST already improved after 1 game with the new guy in place! More TOs, Sacks, punt blocks, fumbles and recoveries are coming folks. Watch out and I hope to god all these fans and teams don't take LSU seriously next year!!
Reply3 months
I bet LSU's qb rating is better than 13th in the conference.
Reply3 months
What a stupid ranking, Etling's last 2 games against the aggies and cardinals he was fantastic, real good stats.
Reply3 months
The more things change, the more they remain the same. A great big shout-out to the winningest coach in LSU history and world's greatest recruiter. Shambles.
Reply3 months
Just another biased poll for "that team" to print t-shirts. I should open a t-shirt business in Alabama. Goldmine.
Reply3 months
I don't think LSU should be at the top, but Bama!? Did anyone at ESPN watch the NC game? Or any Bama game last year for that matter? Bama shrouded his weaknesses all season and when Scarborough got hurt and Hurts has to go from game manager to game changer, he couldn't do it. I expect him to play better next year, but teams are starting to take notice and are no longer afraid of Bama.
Reply3 months
Looks about right
Reply3 months
Is that you in your pic??
3 months
A lot of "Butthurt" in here... Yall act like the QB position hasn't been out Achilles Heel for the past 4 years.
Reply3 months
Typo: "our" Achilles
3 months
Dude, this has nothing to do with butthurt. It has everything to do with ESPN being a bunch of lazy hacks. I'm not even talking with P&G glasses on. This is just straight facts. Etling finished 7th in QB rating among SEC QBs this year (That's good for 5th among 2017 returning starters). Guess who finished 6th in QB rating...Jalen Hurts. Yet Bama has the #1 QB unit and LSU has #13. OK.....
3 months
@UGATiger QB rating doesn't mean anything when you realize one was a true freshman with zero prior college experience, and the other was a 4th year junior that started parts of 2 years.
3 months
I was going to chime in with my 2 cents, but no need. You guys nailed it with your comments. Espn, what a joke! Let em have it, Tiger Fans!
Reply3 months
1-14... with 1 being bad and 14 good
Reply3 months
About right. Etling and Harris didn't exactly show much.
Reply3 months
It's really not "about right." ESPN ranked JJ as the #6 QB in the SEC going into 2010. His 2009 stats virtually mirror Etling's 2016 stats. Ranking a QB who threw for 2100+ in 10.5 games completing 60% as the 2nd worst in the conference is laughable. Those are pretty decent stats for a team that doesn't throw the ball 35 times a game. LSU shouldn't be near the top of these rankings, but they certainly shouldn't be at the bottom either.
3 months
Oh, c'mon! This is lazy reporting, at best. UGATiger did more research and makes more sense than this hack.
3 months
Ahh.... ESPN, the CNN of the sports world...
Reply3 months
Or Fox News.
3 months
LSU is at #13 with a QB (who may not even be the starter in 2017) who completed 60% for 2123 yds? Lol. Had Etling started the Wisky and Jax. St games, he probably would've had over 2500. This is weak analysis, even for ESPN.
Reply3 months
This list and analysis is wack, but actually playing Wisconsin would have made Etling's final stat line even worse. He played 3 quarters at Jax St completing 43% for 100 yards 1 TD and 1 int in his first game. Wisconsin had the 3rd best pass defense we played all year, did you see how he looked vs Bama?
3 months
laughable that we are rated behind teams with new starting QBs. Etling was a world beater but he was a serviceable starter.
Reply3 months
On projected talent I would possibly agree with this but if you're saying that LSU is in the 2nd worse position to win games with our situation then your madly mistaken. AL at number 1 is a complete joke, what was his numbers against LSU again? What about Clemson? With out that defense AL would be nothing at the QB spot. Shea Patterson will be running for his life this year and Auburn doesn't know wtf they are going to do at QB. This list is so wishy washy I don't know where he's going with it? LSU should be around 4 if you ask me. The QB that makes it out of this competition will win more games then anyone else on that list besides possibly bama's and that could even happen. Not one of those teams besides maybe Bama will have a chance against LSU next year. Mark my words!!!
Reply3 months
This list is ridiculous. Shea Patterson, who started exactly 3 games (going 1-2 with weak performances in blowout losses to SEC powers Vandy and MSU), is #4, ahead of someone like Eason at UGA who returns after starting almost every game for a 7-5 UGA team. LSU is #13 despite the fact they have two senior QBs on the roster each with double-digit numbers of major conf. starts. Are either going to be finalist for the Davey O'brien award? Probably not. But to rank LSU's situation significantly BELOW other teams who have QBs who have never started a college game is absurd. According to this guy's rankings, it's better to have not played a game than to actually have won SEC games. I generally don't read the "expert" opinions on ESPN because the "experts" are usually just nerds with a computer who have never even played a competitive game of organized football. The few times I do read said opinions quickly remind me while I generally stay away from them in the first place
Reply3 months
This list is ridiculous, but Freeze, Patterson, and and the talent they have at WR should definitely place them in the top half of the list.
3 months
That's kind of ridiculous.
Reply3 months
13th? Yeah ok!
Reply3 months
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