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What team was I watching - jb4lsutigers
I watched in shock and amazement as the Tigers dominated Saturday night. Two things come to mind to explain it. Either Alabama ain't that good or the coaching staff finally took the handcuffs off Mettenberger and let him loose throwing the football downfield. Props to the WR's for being aggressive ...
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Mystery Time Out - jb4lsutigers
Early in the 3rd quarter, Carolina had a receiver get into the end zone; a touchdown indicated by the side judge, only to be overturned because the trailing official saw the receiver step out on the 3 yard line. When Carolina lined up on the 3, do you think Miles called time out because he thought ...
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LSU sports talk radio - jb4lsutigers
Anyone know of a daily sports talk radio station which primarily covers LSU thats available on the internet. Im stuck in Georgia and WJOX in Birmingham is the best thing going around here. Obviously Alabama is the focal point. I used to listen to 1210 in Denham Springs but that one got born again...
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re: Since Obama took office a NEGATIVE 261K jobs have been created. - jb4lsutigers
Tax the rich. Make ‘em pay their fair share. How much is a fair share? According to the IRS: 75 percent pay 6 percent of their income for 14 percent of all taxes paid, 20 percent pay 11 percent of their income for 27 percent of all taxes paid, and 5 percent pay 21 percent of their income for 59 p...
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re: Our Coaches Are Not Capable of Fixing This Offense - jb4lsutigers
What do we know? We know the defense is still awesome even with the number of young guys out there. LSU has the best QB its had since Matt Flynn and going vertical with his arm more than a couple times a game could greatly enhance the run/pass game. Right now, LSU is not a very disciplined footbal...
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SEC Head Of Officials Says Penalty That Negated LSU TD Was A Foul
He added that is was "a very tough judgment call."
Ed Orgeron Defends LSU OC Matt Canada During Radio Show
A caller asked about the offensive struggles vs. MSU last week.
Frank Herron's Return Date Is Set
The fifth-year senior DE has been absent for all 3 games this season.
Ed Orgeron: "I Understand The Expectations At LSU"
Orgeron was asked Wednesday if he had a message for the fans.
Paulina Gretzky Back In The Hot Selfie Game
Starring in "Babe On A Plane."